Latona Pub celebrates Earth Day by collecting kegs from local breweries, April 14th & 15th.

Latona Pub celebrates Earth Day by collecting kegs from local breweries, April 14th & 15th.

Despite what many people believe, Earth Day is actually on April 22nd. This of course hasn't stopped the urban legend associated with April 20th. Latona Pub, located in Seattle, believing in the spirit of Earth Day has asked local breweries to deliver their kegs, using means that don't require fossil fuels. This has lead to breweries delivering their kegs first by kayak, then by bicycle to (in one instance) a brewery delivering their beer all the way from Astoria, Oregon, via bicycle.

Which is why the brewery is asking you, the concerned imbiber to visit various locations, to cheer breweries along, as they sojourn kegs of beer on hand-trucks, bicycles, or the strong back of brewery staff. 

April 14th, 2018

Grab a taster at Georgetown Brewing Company celebrating the breweries voyage to the Latona Pub. 

Jelly Fish Brewing Company *arrival time not guaranteed. besides Georgetown, the next brewery (located at 917 S Nebraska Street) on the tour is a recent newcomer. Unfortunately, the brewery isn't allowed to provide pints or tastes, which is why the brewery is asking people to wait outside as the brew crew makes their way to Latona.

Seapine Brewing Company. Often overlooked, this brewery in the shadow of Westland Distillery, at 2959 Utah Avenue South, is your first chance to try a pint as those supporting earth week explain why walking a keg of beer is more logical than just driving it. 

Pike Brewing Company. The final departure brewery, Pike needs no introduction. Located just down the street from the historic Pike Place Market, the brewery has continued to support Latona and their green-initiative. Stop by the brewery, enjoy a pint of Pike IPA before shopping at the nearby Pike Place Market. Pike Brewing Company is located at 1415 1st Avenue.

April 15th, 2018.

On Sunday, April 15th, the fun continues with Flying Bike, Naked City, Big Time, Greenwood Cider, and Lantern Brewing. With the exception of Greenwood Cider, all other locations will be happy to provide you a pint or taste, in support of earth week.

Lantern Brewing. Starting early, the brewery will be sending a keg to Latona on the day when most are resting. Often overlooked, the brewery opens their doors at 1 pm, to allow both fans and newcomers a chance to try their wares. Lantern Brewing is located at 938 North 95th Street.

Greenwood Cider. With the motto, "We make cider the hard way", Greenwood Cider is a relative newcomer to the fermented apple landscape. Absent a tasting room or bar, you'll have to wait till the 

Big Time Brewery and Alehouse. As the oldest brewery and alehouse in Seattle, Big Time brewery has remained an incubator for aspiring brewers and students. Brewers like Dick Cantwell, Kevin Forhan, and Drew Cluley once brewed here and have since gone on to open their own breweries. But don't take it from us. Stop by the brewery and you might bump into someone, one their way to Latona. Big Time Brewery and Alehouse is located at 4133 University Way NE near the University of Washington.

Naked City Brewery and Taphouse. Co-owned by a self-described classical Hollywood fan, Naked City Brewery brews beers with names like Yankee Drifter, Bing, and Big Lebrewski. They are also one of the participating breweries who will ship their beer northward to Latona. Stop by for a pint while enjoying a classic film from Turner Network Classics, on the flatscreen. Naked City is just down the street from Flying Bike Co-Op brewery at 8570 Greenwood Avenue North and opens at 11:30 AM.

Flying Bike Co-op Brewery and taproom. If you're lucky you'll catch the brewery getting ready to take off to Latona. One of the most uniquely-owned breweries in the state, Flying Bike encourages homebrewers to submit recipes which might end up on draft in the taproom. Flying Bike is located 8570 Greenwood Avenue North and opens at 12 pm on Saturday.

If you missed any of this, don't worry as the Latona Pub will be celebrating Earth week, 

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