Latona Pub celebrates earth week, with non-motorized keg deliveries, Feet First, and Brewshed Alliance

Latona Pub celebrates earth week, with non-motorized keg deliveries, Feet First, and Brewshed Alliance

Press Release

We here at the Latona Pub have been celebrating Earth Day with a variety of keg walking and sponsorship events for the last 6 years.  The goal in our celebration is to raise awareness of our environment, both urban and natural. Remembering how our actions can affect the planet, we set out to help some fantastic organizations that work on these environmental issues, and to remind ourselves that we can individually do more to protect our cherished resources.

The core of our celebration is delivering beer to the Latona with non-motorized means.  We live in a unique place where world class beer is merely a walk, a sail, or a cycle trip away from a plethora of diverse and innovative breweries.  For about a week, our entire tap list comes from these non-motorized delivery.  The longest bike ride this year will be all the way from Astoria. It will take our bike enthusiasts four days to make that ride. We will walk kegs (pushed on a hand truck) from south Seattle, Fremont, Ballard, Northgate, the U District, and the Elliot Bay Marina.  The kegs from the Marina were sailed from Anacortes. The purpose of these keg runs is to raise awareness about our environment and to show alternatives to the usual fossil fuel delivery. This year our walks begin on the15th with a long walk from Georgetown Brewing in South Seattle to the Latona with stops at Two Beers, Pike, and Mollusk. On the 16th the walk will be from Northgate Ram, Naked City/Flying Bike, to the Latona. On the 19th the walks start in Ballard with familiar breweries Reubens, Stoup, Hales and Maritime. And finally, on the 21st will be the walk from Cloudburst, Holy Mountain, Fremont and Mollusk to the Latona.

The Latona has a proud food tradition and we are committed to using the most sustainable farms we can. We compost our food waste and recycle every bottle, box, and bucket. We host and raise money for a variety of non-profit organizations dedicated to our natural resources.

This year we are supporting two dedicated and worthy organizations. On Wednesday April 19th at 8pm will be our annual benefit for Feet First.  Feet first is dedicating to improving the walking urban environment in Seattle.  Donations and live music will take place that night.  On Saturday April 22nd at 8pm we will be celebrating Earth week with our friends at Brewshed Alliance. Proceeds from a portion of keg sales will be donated to the organization that works to protect the environment that is so essential to craft beer.  There will be a live auction and of course special beer from the brewers.

At the Latona we strive to be a place not only to discuss the future of the planet, but also foster a discussion about the steps we can all take to affect change. The keg walks are a means to raise awareness about environmental issues.  Join us during the week to learn more about these important issues.


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