Celebrate 15 wonderful years with the Beveridge Place Pub, this Thursday.

Celebrate 15 wonderful years with the Beveridge Place Pub, this Thursday.

The Concorde, the shuttle Columbia, the invasion of Iraq. All of these events occurred the same year when West Seattle's Beveridge Place Pub opened their doors to men, women, and man's best friend. During that time the alehouse has hosted countless firkin festivals, dispenses a bacchanalia's worth of barleywine, and supported countless local and nationally-recognized breweries throughout the country. During that same time, the Beveridge Place Pub has suffered one relocation, countless broken glasses, and the loss of departing employees throughout the past fifteen years.

Fifteen-years. The 1.5 decades, nearly 783 weeks, and over 5475 days! But that's what West Seattle's favorite alehouse is celebrating when they host a 15th-anniversary party, this Thursday.

As an incentive to those who might be unsure they wish to attend, the staff has confirmed some of the following beers will be on draft.

Plus, there will be a special toast shared with all, poured into numerous glasses from a six-liter Mathusalem of St Bernardus Abt 12!

So if you're not doing anything, this Thursday, we encourage you to stop into 6413 California Ave SW in Seattle's West Seattle neighborhood to celebrate nearly two-decades of beer and wassailing in Seattle!

For information, including updates visit Beveridge Place Pub’s Facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/2252838104998323/226198590075021