Brewery News: WA: Maritime Pacific's Jolly Roger Taproom Removing 21 and over age requirement.

images from the Maritime Pacific Jolly Roger Taproom courtesy of our Flickr page

Seattle, WA - Recently it was announced by Maritime Pacific Brewing's Jolly Roger Taproom that after much consideration they are ditching the 21 and over vibe.

Having had a 21 years-and-over policy in place since the Taproom opened in 1997, this will be a big new step for Maritime. The rationale behind this change: over the years, a lot of former patrons have married, started families or now have friends with families and have since had to rule out The Jolly Roger Taproom because of the age restriction. With this change, we feel we can reopen the doors that were shut to a lot of our friends as we welcome all ages to the Jolly Roger. So, in this spirit, we wish you a particularly Happy Father’s Day from the crew at Maritime Pacific Brewing Company and the Jolly Roger Taproom!

There are some particulars to consider. The state of Washington is a stickler when it comes to rules on minors and alcohol. Because of this we expect there will be some sort of barrier to separate the bar from the rest of the public house.

images from the Maritime Pacific Jolly Roger Taproom courtesy of our Flickr pageAll in all this is a great decision by the owners and staff of the Taproom.

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Maritime Pacific Jolly Roger Taproom
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