Beer Release: WA: Coming Soon ... Epic Ales A Cheeseburger in Berliner Weisse

image sourced from Seattle Magazine's "The 11 Best New Restaurants in Seattle 2013"Located in Seattle’s South Downtown neighborhood is a small, relatively unknown, brewery and restaurant called Gastropod and Epic Ales. Primarily owned by co-owners Travis Kukull and Cody Morris, the restaurant has been recognized for it’s locally sourced ingredients, while Epic Ales has been recognized for its beers - which pair well with most cuisines.

Today the brewery is announcing the pending release of a beer, inspired by Jimmy Buffett, and brewed with locally-sourced ground beef.

Brewery Description of A Cheeseburger in Berliner Weisse

Inspired by the famous song "Cheeseburger in Paradise", A Cheeseburger in Berliner Weisse starts by adding several bags of sesame seed hamburger buns to the mash, which consists of German Wheat and Pilsner malts. After allowing the beer to rest for a day, allowing for a higher acidity, we continue brewing adding Czech Saaz hops throughout the boil. Once completed we transfer to the fermenter, adding over 4 pounds of locally-sourced 80/20 (20% lean) beef and 100% Lactobacillus. The beer should finish out at 4.01% Alcohol by Volume and 5 IBUs "

Although the beer isn’t on draft yet, Gastropod’s head chef Travis Kukull has indicated it should pair well with buttered Italian crostini, pickled hops, and of course a steak tartare or cheeseburger slider.

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