Beer Release: WA: Get It Now … Amnesia Black Bine CDA

"For 10 years, every Saturday my friends and I would brew at home," ... "We had four refrigerators and five beers on tap at all times. You have to take notes, and you have to use them. That's where all my current recipes were born."


These were the words Amnesia Brewing's founder and owner Kevin King uttered back in 2005, to describe what researching the beers for his brewery was like. These and many other thoughts kept one of Portland's only unfiltered breweries open since 2003.

For almost 10 years Amnesia remained another brewery in Oregon, locked behind the artificial border between Washington and its hungry imbibers. Then in 2012, in collaboration with Lone Wolf Development, Kevin opted to open Amnesia Brewing in Washougal (in Washington), as a way to get more beer in both Washington and Oregon. Within the new space King built a brewpub as well as a new brewery. With plans to distribute throughout Washington and Oregon, the brewery had future plans for canning as well.

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Fast forward to September 2013, when Amnesia's owner Kevin King made the announcement that their Portland location was being sold to current brewer Rob Allen Lutz and investors. As part of the transition Amnesia would move the rest of their production to the Washougal location.

One only has to look along the Interstate corridor to spot Damnesia India Pale Ale to know that Amnesia should find a place in your brewery rotation. As part of that reminder the brewery is happy to announce their latest release, Black Bine CDA.

Brewery Description of Black Bine CDA

Our version of the CDA style has just enough subtle, underlying roasty, chocolate notes to elevate it to something well beyond an IPA. Not so much as to clash with the hop character or breach the territory of a hoppy Porter/Stout/Brown Ale but enough to strike a delicate balance and one we think we got right. The Black Bine uses loads of Chinook and Cascade hops to give a bold Northwest hop aroma and flavor as well as a heavily roasted CARAFA malt which is not as bitter or acrid as a traditional chocolate or black malt. 70 IBU Abv 6.20%

For those that live in Seattle, we have it on authority that the following locations will be pouring this soon:

  • The Dray, 708 NW 65th Street Seattle, WA 98117
  • The Fiddler’s Inn, 9219 35th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98115
  • Chuck's Hop Shop, 656 NW 85th Street Seattle, WA 98117
  • Chuck's Central District, 2001 E. Union Street Seattle, WA
  • Brouwer's Café, 400 N 35th Street Seattle, WA 98103


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