Beer Release: WA: Get It Now … Hilliard’s 12th Can Pale Ale

Ask yourself the last time you visited a nearby sports arena. What team were you supporting? Were you wearing the team's colors? Was there a familiar anthem being sung?

Now try to remember what you ate or drank to keep in tip-top, fan-supporting, shape. Remove the memory of what you ate and instead recall what you were drinking? If you are predisposed towards drinking something alcoholic, it probably came from a brewery in St. Louis (Missouri) or Golden (Colorado).

But this is the world we live in - where an extremely successful brewery can be the "official sponsor of the NFL" or "the official beer of the NFL". Meanwhile local breweries are left being the 'unofficial beer of football fans throughout Seattle'.

If you're in Washington right now, it's hard to find someone who's not excited about the 2013 football season.  When Sports Radio 950 KJR asked for a local beer dedicated to the fans, we answered with a session pale ale we call The 12th Can.  To us, a perfect game-day craft beer can't be dumbed down in taste or ingredients, but it shouldn't be so over the top you need to switch to something lighter after only one. source, Hilliard’s Beer

That's right, Hilliard's is releasing a single-hop Pale Ale , dedicated to all 'unofficial fans' out there.

Beer Geek Description

... with Cascade Hops (C Hops!) along with Maris Otter and Crystal Malts to produce a beer unmistakably NW in flavor and super drinkable from beginning to end.  Also, since you have to enough to share, we've released them as a 12-Pack of tallboys. Pairs well with victory. 4.5% ABV. 32 IBU. Source, Hilliard’s Beer

Some of you might be inquiring where the name came from. Fact is this is Hilliard's 12th official release, when one doesn't count the various experimental or barrel-aged beers, featured at the tasting room. Sold in an exclusive 12 can package, this beer is something special before you even crack one open.

Celebrate Find Hilliard's 12th Can at participating Whole Foods, Safeway, PCC, Quality Food Centers (QFC for the dames), Total Wine and more. As always if you can't find this rare beer near your, ask your grocer to buy some!


About Hilliard's Brewing

We opened our doors in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle in October, 2011 with a focus on making great craft beer using the best available ingredients.  Contrarian by nature, we're not interested in following beer trends.  We are dedicated to simplicity, quality and care of process in brewing beer that can be appreciated by the informed and informal beer drinker.

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