image of Workhorse India Pale Ale courteys of's Flickr page From the large to the small every brewery has its  ‘flagship’ ale or lager. Redhook has the ESB, Alaskan has the Amber, and Laurelwood has the Workhorse. The breweries might disagree with our logic but there is no denying that drinkers would be up in arms if their ‘it’ beer disappeared from the shelves and taprooms through the region.

And that is exactly what happened to Laurelwood when they ceased production of Workhorse India Pale Ale. The justification was reasonable, an inconsistent supply of specific hops, needed to recreate the same beer every time. So rather than substitute and hope that you would accept the new recipe they went a hiatus.

Starting 1/1/2012 you should consider the hiatus over.  Need proof? Here is what the brewery posted on their website, this past January 1st, 2012.


We think that it’s fair to say that you should expect to see kegs and bottles of Workhorse to return to the shelves, eventually. But until then we ask that you stop into a nearby Laurelwood and relive the taste of a Workhorse India Pale Ale.

About Laurelwood Brewing Co.

Laurelwood is a family owned brewery that creates one of the most recognized regional products of craft beer. Dedicated to sustainable and organic practices, Laurelwood first began producing certified organic beer in 2002. Laurelwood’s craft beer is recognized  for  its  creativity  and  quality  and  the company  has won  many  national  and  international awards. The  company’s handcrafted beer can be found on draft and in bottles throughout Oregon and Washington


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