image courtesy of our Flickr page It's been awhile since this writer has written about a certain brewery in Fremont. It's not like we have been avoiding owner Matt Lincecum, or brewer Matt Lincoln. In fact we have been a little busy sampling beers throughout the Northwest, before we spotted this new beer from the makers of Universe Ale.
Brewed from certified organic hops from the Cowiche Canyon, this beer has spent years in the making. What is produced is a truly unique beer, in that there aren't too few breweries in Washington state, let alone the Northwest that promote organic beers.
Brewery Description of Cowiche Canyon Organic Hop Lab #1 India Pale Ale
A northwest IPA brewed with organic malts and organic Citra and Simcoe hops grown in the Cowiche Canyon of the Yakima Valley. We make Hop Lab in partnership with Carpenter Ranches and the Britt family in an effort to expand the organic hop industry in Washington State. A portion of all sales fund the Cowiche Canyon Conservancy.
Down & Dirty: Organic Pale & Munich Malt with Honey Malt and Organic Citra & Simcoe Hops. 6.2% ABV
Availability: Whenever we feel like it
image courtesy of our Flickr pageOur Thoughts
You Should Try This
. Whether enjoyed on a warm summer day or with overcast skies overhead, this Organic IPA is sure to please any lover of the dank and citrus. Served along side a field green salad with bacon or a caesar and a dash of fresh squeezed oranges, this beer goes well with many sharp tasting dishes.
Poured from a twenty-ounce bomber, Fremont Brewing's Organic Cowiche Canyon India Pale Ale appears dark orange with a strong amount of clarity, while  producing a strong two inches of off-white foamy head. Given the current lack of air conditioning in the house, the head quickly recedes leaving behind a phantom outline of lace within the glass.
Swirling around we get familiar notes of orange citrus and dank hops, further inhales reveals notes of toasted bread. A sip later and you are recalling notes of orange peel, pine needles, some sour dough bread. Overall Cowiche Canyon Organic Hop Lab #1 India Pale Ale has a medium to strong weight as rests on the tongue and there is some stickiness.
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