Anniversary Preview: WA: 8/13 – 8/18 Latona Pub celebrates 25 years with brewers, musicians, and you.

image courtesy of Dor & Bob's flickr page. Go there now.What's today? Monday of course. And like all things Monday it was a pretty crappy one. Well that is if you are Bob Brenlin or the Latona Pub.

More importantly this Monday was the kick off for the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Latona Pub. Despite the late notice, you might have time (if you are reading this now), to swing in and try some of the beers before they disappear.

But besides this writer being late reporting this, I thought I would let you know that the week will be littered with events, celebrating breweries and musicians alike.

Monday the 13th, Elysian Brewery stops by to serve up their take on a 25th Anniversary beer. For Dick, Dave, and Joe the Latona Pub can be listed among some of their more supportive alehouses. Whether it's a pint of Immortal India Pale Ale or The Wise ESB, Bob has never let them down when it comes to supporting 'the brewery from Captiol Hill'. So it only seems fitting that the brewers (plus Bob & Elliott) would make something special to feature on the first night of what is sure to be a hangover-rich week.

Elysian’s 25th Anniversary Beer Details

Brewed in commemoration of the Latona Pub's 25th anniversary, and in the Seattle tradition of rearing rodent-themed IPAs, Silver Marmot adds an unexpected smooth touch of oats to a grain bill of pale, Munich, Dextri-pils and Cara-munich. Bittered with Chinook, and finished with Chinook, Amarillo and Crystal. 6.8% ABV.

Tuesday the 14th, Big Time and the brewers from the past. What else can be said for one of the oldest brewpubs in the area, but for sure in Seattle. Be you a fan of current brewer Drew Cluley, or longtime former favorites like Bill Jenkins, Kevin Forhan, or Kevin Watson; you won't be disappointed. Heck, there might be some unannounced guests as well. Ah heck, who are we kidding. You don't need an excuse to stop in on Tuesday to try a Pilsner made by Big Time. Stop reading and get over there already!

Wednesday the 15th, Georgetown buys Bob & Latona a beer. No the brewery from Georgetown isn't buying everyone a round. But if you want to buy Manny, Roger, or Bob one; I won't argue. Stop in this Wednesday as Manny (and I hope) Roger stop over to congratulate Bob on 25 years of success in Seattle's Greenlake neighborhood.

Thursday the 16th, Casks on the bartop. Not much to say, other than if you are claustrophobic you might want to stay away.

Friday the 17th, the Musicians take back the pub. Happy Hour Jazz provided by Phil Sparks and Friends. Stop in for a pint and relax / reminisce to what made Latona a happening spot for music.

Saturday the 18th, Anniversary Hedonism. Can't spell it out any better than Bob.

An amazing lineup of all the anniversary beers made for the Latona over the last several months by North Sound Brewing, Rogue Ales, Black Raven Brewing, Sound Brewery, Anacortes Brewery, Schooner Exact Brewing, Naked City Brewery/Lazy Boy Brewing collaboration, Double Mountain Brewery, and Elysian Brewing. Live music by Brian Nova starts at 8pm.

Congratulations to Bob and the entire staff and management of the Latona Pub, you deserve it.


About Latona Pub

We have a mission here at the three pubs: to introduce you to some of the best beers in the world. In our opinion, this means that the beer brewed in our own backyard is created by some of the most talented, creative people in the world. Certainly some fine beers are imported, but often that beer doesn’t receive the care it needs during its travels. At our pubs, we want to present to you the closest thing to what the brewers create. We take care of the beer we pour so that you will have a fresh and wonderful experience. [more] –source, Latona Pub

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