Beer Review *Revisited: Fremont Brewing’s 77 Select India Pale Ale, Is A Should Try

image of Fremont Select 77 Session India Pale Ale courtesy of our Flickr page More beer notes have collected dust on the shelves of our cellar and we feel remiss that we didn’t expose this beer sooner.

Brewed at Fremont Brewing and made available several months ago, 77 Select Spring Session India Pale Ale was brewed for lovers of IPAs but at a lower ABV.

Brewery Description 

A crisp and refreshing 4.0% ABV spring wunderbeer, 77 Select is made with 7 choice ingredients and Fire Brewed in the pits of Fremont Brewing to achieve its rarefied Session IPA status. With this brew we respect Seattle's old Horlucks & Sicks Brewing Companies, predecessors of Rainier Brewing, and their flagship beers 66 Select and Rainier.

Available for the first time ever at our brewery, 77 Select can be found on draught & in growlers or 22oz bottles.

image of Fremont Select 77 Session India Pale Ale courtesy of our Flickr pageOur Thoughts
You Should Try This
. Sadly this beer might be gone by the time this review is read. But we want to petition the brewery to revisit this beer, or at a minimum beer at this ABV. If you are feeling up to it and have one resting in the fridge, we suggest that you try 77 with a salty ham sandwich or some sharp cheese (ala cougar gold or Beecher's flagship).

From the 22 ounce bottle from the brewery, 77 Select India Pale Ale has a definite burnt yellow appearance with attention on clarity. Poured straight down into the glass the beer produces an initially, strong, inch and a half of foamy (off-white) head. Over time the presence of 'head' disappears, leaving behind only small island of lace on the surface, complimented by a crown of lace along the inside of the glass.

Taking that first sniff you pick up fruity-citrus notes of pineapple and sweet biscuit malt. Further allowance for this to warm up is rewarded by an aroma of fresh cut grass earthiness.

Sipping you get more of the biscuit, breadiness; than you would expect. This is a 4.00% India Pale Ale after all and they don't dissapoint as the palate is reminded by bits of grassy, earthiness; as well as some minor pineapple citrus. Overall 77 Fremont Select Spring Session India Pale Ale has a mild to medium weight to it and there is some stickiness.

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