(WA) PRO R-71 Rally at BottleNeck Lounge Tonight

Seattle, WA – I tend to stay my stance on the more serious political issues in our lives (abortion, health care, current conflicts, etc.) but I am always willing to bring attention when help is needed while enjoying a pint.

It was brought to my attention that both Leavenworth and Elysian Breweries will be donating (or rather the bar hosting the event will be donating) 100% of the draft sales to help fund the PRO Referendum 71 campaign.

image couresty of Fish Brewing's 'Blog'

"... 100% of the proceeds of all draft sales go directly to Approve Ref. 71 (Washington Families Standing Together).

By purchasing either a Leavenworth Oktoberfest Bier or Elysian Night Owl you will be supporting Senate Bill 5688 which supports domestic partnerships. The party starts at 8:00 PM PST and runs into the night.


8:00 PM PST to ? *end time an approximation

Bottleneck Lounge
2328 East Madison Street Seattle, WA (206) 323-1098

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