(OR) Full Sail has an intern in the brewery

Hood River, OR – Previously mentioned on the 13th of October (Ok so I am almost a week late reporting it) in their newsletter to subscribers, Full Sail has one more “employee” who can claim brewer in their resume. As part of Oregon Bounty’s Brewmaster Cuisineship promotion Kevin Kolzen was chosen to spend one week working as an assistant brewer for Full Sail.

source, Full Brewing's Newsletter “What's a Cuisinternship? It’s an opportunity to live the job of your dreams, if only for a week. Travel Oregon designated, seven Oregon regions, seven Oregon purveyors, and seven Oregon Cuisinternships and ran a video entry contest to win a weeklong "Cuisinternship." Sorry to say your chance to win an Oregon Bounty Cuisinternship has passed. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest, and a big congratulations to each of the Oregon Bounty Cuisinternship winners with a special shout out to Kevin Kozlen, winner of the Brewmaster internship.
Check out the lucky seven winners that will be living their dream for a week including Kevin's winning entry for the Brewmaster Cuisinternship. We look forward to brewing with our newest member of the Full Sail crew - Kevin!
Click here to view Kevin's Video
Click here to learn more about Oregon Bounty and to view all the winning videos

Congrats on your temporary gig Kevin and hopefully you take with it respect for an industry that provides so many of us with a pint of cheer.


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