Going to the chapel and gonna get married

Ladies and Gentlemen, first I have to offer my apologies on the delay in my posting. Couldn't be helped, between phone calls and first hand meetings with various people over beer, cake, catering, etc, I got distracted.

Oregon 2004, June, the Oregon Brewer's Festival is hosted in downtown Portland and with over 50 breweries hosted, its not to miss. Another spot that we never miss is John's Marketplace, which to those who don't care too much about beer & wine is just another grocery store. To those in the know this is a huge bottle shop with beers from Michigan, California, Oregon, etc. It was here back in 2004 that I stopped in and discovered, Pelican Wedding Ale, a beer made by the brewer at Pelican Brewing for 2 employees whom were to be married. And it was this beer that I took the idea of having a wedding beer for us.

Working with former LaConner Brewing Company, Arlen Harris at the helm we worked out a deal to create a smoked porter out of smoked malt from Germany (smoked with beechwood) and malt from Newport's alderwood smoked malt.
The plan went without a hitch and in the end both timing and few other elements, and we ended up with a trippel for our wedding.

After much rushing around for various elements for the kegs, the dispenser, the ice, the wedding was in full swing, the reception to follow. The overall result, everyone loved our "wedding beer" and I am happy to report, we have the keg on the back porch refrigerated. Cheers

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