Last Saturday (14th) myself and my wife, made our way to the Cask Festival in Downtown Seattle (near the Space Needle), to consume over 60 different ales & lagers. Although, the entry fee was 35 a piece to get in, the cost covered the equivalent an all you can drink affair.

A word of advice, if you are unsure of what to focus on or any history on the event, be it past or present, do some online research (see, or Before heading to the Cask Festival, I researched a couple of beers I hadn't heard of.

The first one was X Anniversary Ale from Silver City Brewing. After a quick search online I discovered that this beer was the only key being offered for the 2 4 hour sessions. I knew this brewery well enough to know that I definitely needed to try this ale. The only way to describe this is a smoother imperial porter. Made with 10 malts and 10 hops, this is a monster at 9.4 ABV. Definitely a drink that I will remember.

The Second beer was actually 4 beers from Pizza Port Brewing Companies many different breweries. All the breweries used what is described as "wet hopping", a process that includes taking freshly picked hops (usually within hours) and dropping them into the boil / ferment. Normal process for brewing & fermenting beer includes "dry" hops or pellets (which often look like rabbit food). Under this process the hop bitterness is less than its dry counterparts. Unfortunately one of the beers offered from Pizza Port, imparted a bitter, almost band-aid flavor.

Some of the other beers offered at the event were barrel aged, shared recipes (Herbert's ale, named after Bert Grant), and pumpkin. Overall, I would suggest this festival to both casual microbrew fans, and those that are interested in having the naked flavor of a beer from their favorite Washington brewery. One thing I would have to say, Deming Brewing I am looking forward to good things coming forth from you guys and will start searching for their beers on tap.


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