Modern Times Wizard & Graf: Chapter 2 w/Cherries

Available in Portland, at Modern Times' The Belmont Fermentorium

The second installment in our Wizard & Graf Series is a collaboration with the lovely humans at Shacksbury Cider in Vermont. We started with a blend of saison and apples sourced from the Basque Country and Vermont. We then fermented the blend with our house microflora, as well as wild cultures collected from the Shacksbury orchards. Aged in a clay amphora & French oak barrels and lovingly layered with cherries before months of bottle-conditioning, the resulting beer is tart, complex, & funky, with an intriguing & distinctive minerality derived from its time in the amphora. This was not an easy beer to make, but we are extremely glad we did. 

6.4% ABV | - IBU