Pike Brewing Company celebrates their partnership with T-Mobile Park by releasing Kilt Lifter in 16oz cans

Pike Brewing Company celebrates their partnership with T-Mobile Park by releasing Kilt Lifter in 16oz cans

Be you a fan of the home team Mariners, Major League Baseball or are an expat from another MLB city, the folks at Seattle’s Pike Brewing Company have an announcement you will no doubt enjoy. Starting, March 28th with the home opener of the 2019 Seattle Mariners regular season, Pike Brewing Company will start selling 16-ounce cans of Kilt Lifter. Either inside T-Mobile Park or outside the stadium, the staff and ownership of Pike Brewing Company hope you will consider pairing your memory with one of Seattle's oldest Scotch Ales.

But we don't want to leave out those who've never sipped on or recalled their first Kilt Lifter. So from their own words, here's what the brewery has to say about this famous flagship.

Pike Kilt Lifter

Layers of sweet malt, reminiscent of caramel and toffee, are accented by a wee whisper of peat smoke, making this versatile beer the best-selling in Pike Brewing’s history. Pike Kilt Lifter pours a ruby-amber color, with its rich malts drawing your attention, and finishes with a slight piney hop character.

Fun facts about Kilt Lifter

  • Pike Kilt Lifter is the best-selling beer in our history.

  • Pike Kilt Lifter was first developed by former Pike head brewer Fal Allen in 1998. Fal is now head brewer at Anderson Valley Brewery, Mendocino.

  • At the turn of the 20th Century, Edinburgh, Scotland, was famous for a dozen breweries producing strong ale. Without native hops, these brewers embraced a style more malty than hoppy. Pike Kilt Lifter is brewed in homage of these early Scottish beers.

History lesson over, we have another announcement to make. Starting March 28th, the brewery can confirm where you will find their beer in T-Mobile Park. If your curiosity remains, then we advise you to visit the following locations, starting March 28th.

  • Main Level: 109 117, 132, 141

  • Club Level: 212

  • View Level: 312, 329, 335

In addition to the ballpark, the crew from Pike Brewing Company will visit Henry’s Tavern on 1st Avenue (at 1518 1st Avenue South in Seattle, WA 98134)

Oh, and you might want to pair a glass of Pike Place Ale with Paseo's sandwiches, available in Edgar's Cantina. That's right, local-legend, Paseo, is available inside the ballpark. No doubt their Caribbean Roast sandwich (with slow-roasted pork shoulder, garlic aioli, caramelized onions, cilantro, pickled jalapenos, and romaine lettuce) will pair nicely with a pint of Pike Place Pale. Plus every keg of Pike Place Pale sold, made with Skagit Valley Alba Malt and citrus-forward hops, will benefit the Pike Place Market Foundation.

Find Pike Place Pale Ale at the following locations:

  • Field Level: Edgar’s Cantina

  • Main Level: 121

  • Club Level: Third Base Bar

  • View Level: Good Hops 319

At the ballpark or away, Pike Brewing Company hopes you take the opportunity to enjoy a pint or can with your next springtime event.

about Pike Brewing Company

Pike Brewing Company is an independent craft brewery founded in 1989. Located in Seattle's iconic Pike Place Public Market neighborhood, Pike Brewing Company is home to two locally focused restaurants, The Pike Pub and Tankard & Tun.