Chainline Brewing receives a bronze medal, at this year's World Beer Cup, for their Černé Dark Lager.

From Kirkland, Washington comes word that Chainline Brewing Company's Černé Dark Lager has won a bronze medal, at this year's World Beer Cup. As one of over 2,600 breweries internationally, the medal was hard fought. 

But what is Černé Dark Lager? Here with a word, is the brewery's thoughts.

The traditionally brewed Czech Černé is a rarity and difficult to find in the North American beer world. This black lager has aromas of cigar and cocoa with hints of coffee and bitter chocolate tasting notes. Brewed on our Czech brew house, this rare beer gets its tradition in full-bodied creamy flavor and rounded profile. Restrained use of noble Saaz hops let the malt depth really shine and provide a perfect balance of bitter and sweet.

When asked to give us a few words on their win, the brewery only said ... 

We are excited and humbled to have been awarded a bronze medal for our Černé Dark Lager at the 2018 World Beer Cup. This year’s World Beer Cup had more than 8,300 beers entered from over 2,600 breweries worldwide. Taking place every two years, the Cup is widely considered the “Olympics” of brewing competition.

Those unfamiliar with the rules of the World Beer Cup, should know the brewery had to send bottles of Černé Dark Lager months in advance, meaning there is none in the brewery currently. However, the brewery has assured those interested in tasting an awarding winning beer, there will be some available come mid-July. 

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