Chainline Brewing Company and Urban Family release their collaboration, Steinbeer, March 29th.

Ask any American and they will have heard the reason why the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock because they ran out of beer. Now obviously there might be some proof to that when considers the underlying conditions on a wooden boat, traveling all the way from England. While this is maybe partially true, what is true is back in the early days of brewing it was wood, not steel that was used to make beer stored in, you guessed it, wooden barrels.

Brewed in the Steinbeer technique from Germany, Kirkland's Chainline Brewing and Seattle's Urban Family Brewing collaborated to release a beer using old-world methods.

And for a bit of historical explanation of Steinbeer: Steinbier was originally produced in wooden brewing vessels. Stones heated over fire were dropped into the mash tun to heat the mash; later, after the run-off, the same or a similar vessel would be used to boil the wort. The effect of adding hot rock to the mash, and even more effectively to the wort, would result in spontaneous boiling of the liquid that came in contact with the surface of the stone. Sugars from the wort would also instantly caramelize, whereas the stone itself released some of the smokiness of the fire in which it had been heated. Not surprisingly, this procedure was highly dangerous and could easily end up with the brewer burned by wort or the brewery consumed by fire. Source: Craft Beer & Brewing

Like the historical text says, this beer was cooked with hot rocks to produce a beer that will stand up to any rainy days in your immediate future. Oh, and at 8% it's gonna be a light sipper to be sure. To enjoy a cold-fermented, cold-conditioned, Steinbeer; one only has to visit Chainline Brewing Company at 503 6th St South, Kirkland, WA 98033 or Urban Family Brewing Company at 4441 26th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98199.