Fuji to Hood: A collaboration of beer, ramen, sushi and entertainment in Portland. April 21st, from 12 pm - 4 pm.

Fuji to Hood: A collaboration of beer, ramen, sushi and entertainment in Portland. April 21st, from 12 pm - 4 pm.

Starting at 12 pm, on the 21st of April, The Bindery Annex and Culmination brewery will host Fuji to Hood. As one of the more unique events in Portland, this will be an opportunity to sample sushi from Bamboo Sushi, ramen from Marukin Ramen, while sipping on beers (and one cider) imagined by breweries (and one cidery) from both Portland and Japan. Those who would prefer something more 'festive' are welcome to enjoy Oregon's SakéOne at no additional cost.

Fuji to Hood will be held Saturday, April 21st, 2018 from Noon to 4pm at the The Bindery Annex and Culmination Brewing. More info and tickets at FujitoHood.com. The Fuji to Hood festival is brought to you by Culmination Brewing, Mecca Grade Malt, Travel Portland, Oregon Hop Commission, Oregon Fruit Products, SakeOne and JASO (Japan-America Society of Oregon).

With tickets on sale, this even will undoubtedly sell out before too long. Those who signup will be given a limited-edition, "Fuji to Hood" branded glass, as well as 12 tickets good towards 4 ounce samples of beer. 

More on the beers (and cider)


  • Breakside Brewery/Far Yeast Brewing: Sweet Osmanthus Saison
    Classic saison with a kiss of Citra hops and liberal use of kinmokusei or sweet osmanthus, a flower often used in white tea blends. 5.9% ABV 25 IBU
  • Burnside Brewing Co./Yokosuka Brewing: "Who's Umami?" (savory London Porter)
    In the true umami tradition a broth with 25#s of Japanese shitake powder was blended at a controlled temp of 80 degrees and held for 9 hours before being infused with the mash the following morning. Approx 25#s of additional powder was added to the end of the boil to create a delicate savory flavor to complement the layers of malt complexity.  Subtle additions of noble hops round out this "appealing to the senses" ale. (ABU, 5.8%--IBU, 21)
  • Cascade Brewing/Y.Market Brewing: Shiso Sour Red Basil Ale
    A blend of sour wheat and triple ales aged in oak wine barrels for up to two years with fermented red shiso leaves and fresh red basil. 7.5% abv and 9 or less IBU’s.
  • Culmination Brewing/Ise Kadoya Brewing: Oishi Nashi
    Oishi Nashi means Beautiful Pear in Japanese. The beer is an East Asian Pear Grisette using a proprietary yeast strain from Ise Kadoya brewery in Japan. The yeast was originally isolated from the sap of a tree in a Shinto shrine garden in Kadoya, Japan. This Grisette-style ale was also brewed with Asian Pear juice. 4.8%
  • Ecliptic Brewing/Heiwa Shuzou: Shi Shi Saison
    Named after the constellation Leo the Lion, Shi Shi Saison was brewed with Sansho Japanese Green Peppercorns and Yuzu peel imparting flavors of citrus that perfectly complement the Belgian yeast character. ABV 6.8 IBU 20
  • Ex Novo Brewing/Rise & Win: Going Postal Citrus Sour
    A hoppy sour with Japanese Yoko citrus, Indigo leaves, and Citra, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops. ABV: 5.4% IBU: 46
  • Gigantic Brewing/Harvest Moon Brewing: Oni Kawaii
    Kettle soured beer with black rice and marionberries.  This beer is pink from the colors of black rice and purple berries. (We made it pink with black rice!). 4.2% abv. Oni Kawaii!!!!
  • Hopworks Urban Brewery/Nihonbashi Brewing: Hinoki Lager
    a sake inspired rice lager brewed with the lees of the sake making process called Sake Kasu. After 3 weeks of lagering the beer was then conditioned on Japanese Cypress Chips to give it the aroma of traditional masu drinking boxes. 5% abv.
  • Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider/Son of the Smith Hard Cider: Yaoyorozu, aka 8 Million
    This cider started as wild yeast harvested from multiple orchards in Nagano, Japan, by orchardists and cidermakers Son of the Smith, shipped live and active to Reverend Nat’s in Portland. In Portland Nat’s inoculated a blend of Japanese-origin apple varieties such as Fuji, Akane, Mutsu, Tsugaru and Sansa, grown in Parkdale Oregon. Individual orchard-specific wild fermentations were blended together and finished with apple blossom honey harvested in Nagano. ABV 6.8%
  • Upright Brewing/Kyoto Brewing: Pacific Herbs
    4.4% abv, saison made with rice, sansho pepper, mikan peel, and shiso leaf.
  • Widmer Brothers Brewing/Spring Valley Brewing: Sudachi Ace Japanese-style Gose
    A Japanese style Gose inoculated with Lactobacillus and brewed with Japanese citrus fruits Sudachi and kabuso. The kabosu is produced in most areas of Ōita Prefectureand has a distinct bitter orange or lemon quality. The sudachi is grown in the Tokishima prefecture and has a distinct woody and herbal quality. These unique citrus were combined to provide a distinct, yet holistic Japanese citrus tasting experience. Kampai! 3.2% abv

For tickets, updates, and a copy of the ramen and sushi menu, visit https://fujitohood.com. 

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