Breweries and Beers announced at this year's Art & Beer: Pitchering Oregon. Tickets still on sale.

Breweries and Beers announced at this year's Art & Beer: Pitchering Oregon. Tickets still on sale.

The organizers at this year's Art & Beer: Pitchering Oregon have relayed a complete breakdown of each paired artist and brewery. Rather than analyze each of the artists and breweries, we would like to share a complete description of the artwork, the artist, the brewery, and the brewers of each paired artwork and beer. 

Tickets for VIP Brewers Brunch (online availability through November 1st) and Grand Tasting, can be purchased via the Art & Beer: Pitchering Oregon's website at


#1 Bobby Abrahamson & Breakside Brewing

Bobby Abrahamson (American, born 1966), Bob and the Puddle Cutters, from the series North Portland Polaroids, 2011 (negative); 2012 (print), gelatin silver print, Gift of the artist.

On View: Haber Study Room, Lower Level, Main Building

Bobby Abrahamson photographs people. From strangers in large, anonymous cities to travelers on Greyhound buses crisscrossing the United States, he meets his subjects where they are. As a resident of St. Johns, his North Portland subjects are also his neighbors. Bob, who appears in the foreground of this photograph, warily but respectfully meets the camera’s gaze, commanding the space and permitting outsiders into his world--but only to a point. The impenetrable wall of bikes and people behind him suggest that Abrahamson, and in turn the viewer, are not to be fully trusted.

Breakside Brewery (Portland)
Beer Name: Delicate As
Grisette, 4.3 ABV, 13 IBU
Brewers: Natalie Baldwin & Daniel Hynes

We liked how Bobby Abrahamson’s photo felt dark and tough. Mopeds aren’t traditionally portrayed as badass, but the people in the image feel tough, rugged and totally badass. We wanted to make a beer that was little, yet fierce, so we made a Grisette. It’s similar to a traditional Belgian table beer. It’s a light, golden, low alcohol beer but has a big mouthfeel for a little beer, and beautiful hop and yeast presence. It’s delicate as f*$!.
–Natalie Baldwin & Daniel Hynes (Brewers)


#2 Amanda Snyder & Ecliptic Brewing

Amanda Snyder (American, 1894–1980), The Forest in Autumn, ca. 1970, oil on wood, Gift of Blount International, Inc.

On view: Picturing Oregon, 3rd Floor, Main Building

Largely self-taught and working from her Portland basement, Amanda Snyder became known for paintings of birds, clowns, dolls, still-lifes, houses, and barns as well as for more abstract compositions such as The Forest in Autumn. Her works which combine strong forms, vigorous brushwork, and rich color, align her with other early modern Oregon painters, including her friends C.S. Price and Charles Heaney.

Ecliptic Brewing (Portland)
Beer Name: Sagitta Hazy IPA
IPA, 7% ABV, 50 IBU
Brewer: John Harris

Amanda Snyder’s painting is an abstract image where you can see the forest but not through the trees. The trees create a wall. We were also taken by the painting’s brazen use of muted fall colors. The beer that immediately came to mind was a hazy-style IPA with fresh Azacca® hops. It brings together the flavors, colors, and cloudiness of the painting. The beer is named after Sagitta, the arrow constellation. –John Harris (Brewer)


#3 Charles McKim & Great Notion Brewing

Charles C. McKim (American, 1862–1939), Sauvie Island, ca. 1920, oil on board, Museum Purchase: Funds provided by Northwest Art Purchase Fund and Northwest Art Council.

On view: Picturing Oregon, 3rd Floor, Main Building

In the 1920s, Charles C. McKim made many trips to Sauvie Island. Having moved to Portland a decade earlier from Portland, Maine, he came to be very familiar with Oregon’s landscape and delighted in its scenery. Unlike his early pictures of the region, paintings like Sauvie Island reflect a more complex color scheme, with greater emphasis on how light affects the varying surfaces in his scenes. Oregon scenery was the constant theme of his work and he came to be known as Oregon's quintessential Impressionist.

Great Notion Brewing (Portland)
Beer Name: U-Pick
Berliner Weiss, 5% ABV
Brewery co-founders: Paul Reiter, James Dugan and Andy Miller

We made a tart and whimsical ale inspired by Charles McKim’s painting of Sauvie Island. The painting reminds us of the many days spent with our loved ones picking fresh local berries of all kinds and enjoying the beaches on Sauvie Island. We have decided to use a ton of mixed berries including Marionberries, Blackberries, Raspberries and more in a tart Berliner Weiss.
--Paul Reiter, James Dugan and Andy Miller (Brewers)


#4 Lily White & Hopworks Urban Brewery

Lily E. White (American, 1866–1944), Columbia Slough, 1902/1904, platinum print, Museum Purchase: Portland Art Museum Volunteer Art Council and Ann Swindells in honor of Joyce Anicker.

On View: Haber Study Room, Lower Level, Main Building

This small photograph depicts a tangled section of the pre-industrialized waters of the Columbia River Slough. Living and working on the Raysark afforded White the time to carefully consider the river’s environment and how it changed along with the time of day and shifting atmospheric conditions. Her platinum prints of the river are remarkable for their warm tonal range, depth of perspective, and clarity even at their small scale.

Hopworks Urban Brewery (Portland)
Beer Name: Slough Motion
Mixed Culture Golden Ale, 7% ABV, 25 IBU
Brewer: Trever Bass

We wanted the beer to highlight the landscape captured within Lily White’s photograph. The recipe is simple in regards to barley, hops, and water, but includes a variety of flora collected from riparian areas in proximity to the Columbia Slough such as lichens, fennel, toasted black cottonwood bark and big leaf maple leaves. It was also fermented with a variety of microorganisms cultured from a very old maple tree. We passed the hot wort slowly through a bed of ingredients so the flow emulated that of the Slough.
–Trever Bass (Brewer)


#5 Henry Berger, Jr. & Leikam Brewing

Henry Berger, Jr. (American, 1877–1939), Congregation Beth Israel, Portland, ca. 1928, gelatin silver print, Gift of Abraham Kupersmith.

On View: Haber Study Room, Lower Level, Main Building

Henry Berger, Jr. owned and operated a successful Portland photography studio between 1918 and his death in 1939. A member of Oregon Camera Club since 1902, Berger captured photographs that received numerous club awards and were exhibited internationally. This photograph is part of a series of images of Congregation Beth Israel on Northwest Flanders Street. Likely made soon after the completion of the landmark building, it is a sophisticated example of Pictorialism. The new Temple, gracefully framed by tree branches that echo the dome, is further defined by a striking light that is muted through soft focus and sepia tones. The romanticized composition suggests a warm and welcoming environment.

Leikam Brewing (Portland)
Beer Name: The Kuppel
Porter, 6.4% ABV, 40 IBU
Brewer: Sonia Marie Leikam

We brewed a porter with German malts and Turkish coffee. Congregation Beth Israel is a part of the Reform moment that was started in Germany. The earliest members were German immigrants and the dome that is Beth Israel’s most recognized feature is inspired by Byzantine architecture, hence the Turkish coffee addition. –Sonia Marie Leikam (Brewer)


#6 Shawn Records & Little Beast Brewing

Shawn Records (American, born 1972), Near Five Oaks, from the series Beaverton, 2005, chromogenic print, Gift of the artist in honor of Terry Toedtemeier.

On View: Haber Study Room, Lower Level, Main Building

Shawn Records, a Portland-based photographer and educator, has traveled the world to make his images, but regularly focuses on wide-ranging subjects found in and around Oregon. From his son’s love for basketball to the 2016 standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Records’ images are direct, elegant, and impactful. Near Five Oaks is part of his thoughtful series investigating the everyday suburban landscapes of Beaverton, a location rarely considered by artists.

Little Beast Brewing (Beaverton)
Beer Name: Oak Arcane
Belgian-Style Bruin, 7.5% ABV, 15 IBU
Brewer: Charles Porter

Shawn Records’ photograph got our creative juices flowing as we had to reimagine his artwork around a beer. The oak tree that is enveloped by mist inspired us to create a beer embodying wood, with a variety of oak flavors and a touch of fruit. We blended foeder-aged (oak) ale, Belgian Bruin from a French oak barrel, and blackcap raspberry beer, which was also aged in an oak foeder, specifically for this event. –Charles Porter (Brewer)


#7 Childe Hassam & Reverend Nat’s Cider

Childe Hassam (American, 1859–1935), Oregon Still Life, 1904, oil on canvas, Gift of Col. C.E.S. Wood in memory of his wife, Nanny Moale Wood.

On view: American galleries, 2nd Floor, Main Building

While Childe Hassam is best known for his Impressionist inspired landscapes and city scenes, he was also an accomplished still-life artist. Hassam painted only about forty still-lifes during his career, two of them during trips he made to Oregon in the summers of 1904 and 1908. This painting was executed at the Portland home of lawyer, poet, and Portland Art Museum co-founder Col. C.E.S Wood and features a bounty of summer and fall fruit from the garden.

Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider (Portland)
Cider Name: Fruits of our Neighbors
Fruit Cider, 7.3% ABV
Cider Maker: Nat West

We learned this Childe Hassam painting was a gift to the Museum from its co-founder C.E.S. Wood, in memory of his wife. Hassam stayed with the Woods while in Oregon and the Wood home is now the site of the Portland Garden Club above West Burnside. I imagined Hassam happening upon the fruit in Wood’s backyard and deciding, spur of the moment, to paint it. I knew I needed to make a fruit wine using the same Oregon-grown fruits in the painting (apple, plum, pear, grape, Asian pear). I harvested wild yeast from the Garden Club property and in a fantastic twist, I was able to harvest boughs from a Japanese maple said to be a gift to Ms. Wood by the Empress of Japan. –Nat West (Cider Maker)


#8 Minor White & Widmer Brothers Brewing

Minor White (American, 1908–1976), Untitled (Grain Elevators), ca. 1939, gelatin silver print, Courtesy of the Fine Arts Program, Public Buildings Service, U.S. General Services Administration. Commissioned through the New Deal art projects.

On View: Haber Study Room, Lower Level, Main Building

Internationally renowned modernist photographer Minor White sowed the seeds of his mature vision in Portland. In 1937, after relocating from Minnesota, White turned his attention to photography, quickly becoming the only Oregon-based photographer to work for the Oregon Art Project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Charged with documenting Portland buildings slated for demolition as well as the waterfront industries, he captured the beauty of iron-front facades, the distinct forms of industrial architecture, and the cultural undercurrents of a city under transition.

Widmer Brothers Brewing (Portland)
Beer Name: Minor Industrial White Lager
American Pre-Prohibition Lager, 5.5% ABV, 35 IBU
Brewer: Thomas Bleigh

This American Pre-Prohibition Lager is an ode to old, industrial Portland. Simple, drinkable and everyday. The grain silos are located very close to our brewery, and remind me of our brewery’s “Cathedral” tank farm. I approached the beer in relationship to time and geography and tried to think about what Minor White would be drinking. Brewed with 6-Row, Flaked Rice, Wheat and cluster hops—all are ingredients that would have been used in the ‘40s along with white wheat as a subtle nod to the artist’s name. –Thomas Bleigh (Brewer)



# 9 Michael Brophy & de Garde Brewing

Michael Brophy (American, born 1960), Harvest, 1995, oil on canvas, Gift of Laura Russo and Lucinda Parker.

On view: Picturing Oregon, 3rd Floor, Main Building

A Portland native, Michael Brophy uses the Northwest landscape as a stage on which to present contemporary conflicts over its current and future uses. Throughout his career, he has repeatedly painted scenes of vast timber clear cuts that confront us with their monumentality and desolation. Though Brophy’s works are in the tradition of American landscape painting, they often focus on the marks left by human use rather than the unspoiled beauty of nature.

de Garde Brewing (Tillamook)
Beer Name: Ferme et Forêt
Wild Ale, 5% ABV, 30 IBU
Brewers: Trevor and Linsey Rogers

We created a highly composed blended beer to positively contrast with the desolation in our painting. By incorporating the vibrancy of the natural rejuvenation of the forest through its new physical growth (spruce tips), the beer expresses the dynamic future inherent in the work. Additionally, by including desiccated and aged hops early in the brewery process and freshly picked hops at the end, we hope to further represent the same transition and potential. 
–Trevor & Linsey Rogers (Brewers)


#10 Mark Andres & Fort George Brewing

Mark Andres (American, b. 1959), Nocturne (Astoria), 2015, acrylic on canvas, Gift of Bill Rhoades in memory of Murna and Vay Rhoades.

On View: Haber Study Room, Lower Level, Main Building

Mark Andres is a Portland based multimedia artist who works in drawing, painting, animation, and film. Nocturne is part of a series that explores various scenes of Astoria and its views of the Columbia River. Andres balances a sentimental affection for the town’s quaintness with the matter-of-fact depiction of harsher, less picturesque elements — in much the same way Astoria balances leisure and industry. His paintings are typically created on site, even those made at night in the dark.

Fort George Brewing (Astoria)
Beer Name: Nocturne
Stout, 7.5% ABV
Brewer: David Coyne

This beer aims to capture the velvety feel of the vibrant, twilight setting of Astoria as depicted in Mark Andres’ painting. It is brewed with heaps of oats to create a silky mouthfeel, and roasted barley and chocolate malt to provide that rich, substantial stout flavor. Blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry purees were added to match the colors of the painting, as well as the flourishing community we're privileged to enjoy every day in our little river town. –David Coyne (Brewer)



#11 Lily White & Pfriem


Lily E. White (American, 1866–1944), Evening on the Columbia, 1903/1905, platinum print, Museum Purchase: Caroline Ladd Pratt Fund.

On view: Picturing Oregon, 3rd Floor, Main Building

Lily White studied painting in San Francisco and Chicago, later becoming a noted photographer. The daughter of a steamboat captain, she regularly took steamboat trips along the Columbia River. In 1903 she commissioned the construction of a custom eighty-foot houseboat that she often captained herself. Equipped with a darkroom, the Raysark went on to serve as headquarters for White’s river excursions with fellow photographers. In this image, the stillness of a solitary boater is beautifully captured against the looming mountains and striking presence of Beacon Rock.

pFriem Family Brewers
Beer Name: Pre-Prohibition Lager
Pre-Prohibition Lager, 5.1% ABV, 30 IBU
Brewers: Team pFriem

The photo is an iconic representation of the magic place we call home, in the Columbia River Gorge. A Pre-Prohibition lager fits perfectly into the era during which this photo was taken, at the turn of the 20th century, and it would make a great easy-drinking beer after a day on the river. We used Mecca Grade Pelton from Madras, six-row pilsner malt, and flaked rice. –Team Pfriem (Brewers)



#12 Drex Brooks & Steens Mountain Brewing

Drex Brooks (American, born 1952), Rick, Barb, Jackie, and Michelle at Hot Springs - Juntura, Oregon, from the series Ranch Pictures 1981–1986, 1981/1986, inkjet print, Gift of the artist.

On View: Haber Study Room, Lower Level, Main Building

Drex Brooks, who grew up in Washington and Oregon, is attuned to the subtleties of the rural landscape and daily activities in small towns. Between 1981 and 1986, Brooks photographed ranch life in Juntura, Oregon, a former town (now unincorporated community) located 60 miles northeast of Burns. The series documents the unforgiving landscape, the near-constant flow of ranch upkeep, and occasional moments of rest and rejuvenation. The Juntura hot springs, largely abandoned during the heat of Eastern Oregon summers, is popular with hunters during cooler months.

Steens Mountain Brewing (Burns)
Name: Lava Beds Baltic Porter
Baltic Porter, 8.3% ABV, 35 IBU
Brewer: Richard Roy

We wanted to make a beer that we would drink during the fall and winter while sitting in this hot spring. We chose this Drex Brooks photo because those springs are all over out here. We used three different hop varieties that we found at different abandoned homesteads here, and base malts from a maltster in Baker City, Gold Rush Malt. Our beer is full-bodied and smooth with roasted flavor and malt sweetness that provides complex flavors of dark fruits, caramel and coffee. –Richard Roy (Brewer)


#13 Minor White & Terminal Gravity Brewing

Minor White (American, 1908–1976), Wallowa Mountains at Enterprise, Oregon, ca. 1940, gelatin silver print, Courtesy of the Fine Arts Program, Public Buildings Service, U.S. General Services Administration. Commissioned through the New Deal art projects.

On View: Haber Study Room, Lower Level, Main Building

In 1940, the WPA sent White to the small Eastern Oregon town of La Grande, near the Idaho border, where he taught photography at the La Grande Art Center and wrote art criticism. Returning to Portland in 1942, the Portland Art Museum gave White his first solo show, exhibiting his photographs from the region. Increasingly abstract compositions of the stark landscape foreshadow White’s mature approach to photography, which encouraged emotional and spiritual resonance through evocative imagery.

For more Minor White, plan to visit the exhibition In the Beginning: Minor White’s Oregon Photographs, on view at the Portland Art Museum from December 9, 2017 through May 6, 2018.

Terminal Gravity Brewing (Enterprise)
Beer Name: Windy Ridge Amber
Strong Amber Ale, 7% ABV, 55 IBU
Brewer: Kevin Harlander

Minor White's photograph is a wonderful example of the realistic Wallowa Mountains: Rugged and geographically isolated, and settled in the “middle of nowhere.” We made a beer inspired by a no-nonsense approach—rooted in a balanced malt bill, rich but not too filling, with a slightly spicy hop character and a slightly boozy finish. Its deep amber color is bold and inviting. The beer is an ode to our place, our residents, and our rich tradition of beer making from the “middle of nowhere.” –Kevin Harlander (Brewer)



#14 Frank DuMond & Standing Stone Brewing

Frank Vincent DuMond (American, 1865–1951), Sketch of Table Rock Near Medford, 1911, oil on canvas, Gift of 52 subscribers.

On view: Picturing Oregon, 3rd Floor, Main Building

An influential teacher, DuMond founded a painting school in Old Lyme, Connecticut, and was known for his skilled brushwork and subtle palette. In the 1890s he was a frequent visitor to Oregon, where he conducted art classes in Portland. This painting is one of the Portland Art Museum’s earliest acquisitions and is typical of DuMond’s Impressionist style. The low horizon line emphasizes both the brilliant summer sky and the imposing structure of the rock formation.

Brewery Pairing: Standing Stone Brewing (Ashland)
Name: J State Sour
Berliner Weiss, 3.8% ABV, 5 IBU
Brewer: Larry Chase

Sketch of Table Rock made me think about table beers, which were commonly available in Belgium. While the sky in the Frank DuMond painting is cloudy the lower third has a feeling of brightness. It's as if the sun is shining behind the viewer while clouds roll in from the opposite direction. The beer's bright golden color represents this brightness. Berliner Weiss is traditionally served with a fruit or herbal syrup. The beer becomes cloudy when you add syrup and takes on the painting’s color schemes depending on which syrup you add.

–Larry Chase (Brewer)



#15 Charles Heaney & Deschutes Brewery

Charles Heaney (American, 1897–1981), Black Butte, 1917/1981, oil on board, Gift of Blount International, Inc.

On View: Haber Study Room, Lower Level, Main Building

Charles Heaney was a printmaker and painter for nearly sixty years, becoming one of Oregon’s most noted 20th-century artists. He lived most of his life in Portland, but based his art on experiences from nearly every region in the state. He captured a variety of subjects from mountains and endless highways to abandoned mines and city scenes. Heaney's work is often a blending of figuration and abstraction. His Oregon landscapes with their strong sense of light and atmospheric effects evoke a sense of place that goes beyond a location’s physical reality and are filtered through memory, imagination, and his personal vision.

Deschutes Brewery (Bend)
Beer Name: Slow Unraveled Beauty
Dark Lager, 5.6% ABV, 45 IBU
Brewer: Veronica Vega

Charles Heaney’s art is subtle and meditative. I wanted the color palette to show up in the beer: cool minty, melty ice on caramel-colored wet ground and deep darkness looming in the background. This beer could not be flashy. It should be layered and unassuming, providing simple satisfaction. I appreciate any opportunity to riff off of the physical landmark of Black Butte, whether with our Black Butte Porter or through Heaney’s painting. I brought in the chocolate malt from our Black Butte Porter but changed everything else.
–Veronica Vega (Brewer)



#16 & #17 Constance Fowler & McMenamins Thomas Brewery & Heater Allen

McMenamins Thomas Brewery
Constance E. Fowler (American, 1907–1996), Lincoln Wade's Store, from the series The Old Days: In and Near Salem, 1969, wood engraving on paper, Gift of the Artist.

Heater Allen
Constance E. Fowler (American, 1907–1996), Yamhill Block-House, from the series The Old Days: In and Near Salem, 1969, wood engraving on paper, Gift of the Artist.

On View: Haber Study Room, Lower Level, Main Building

Constance Fowler was a painter, printmaker, author, and educator during an art career that spanned more than sixty years. She is best known for the expressive realism of her wood engravings and oil paintings made in Oregon in the 1930s and 1940s. In the late 1930s, she made twenty wood engravings of historic sites in the Willamette Valley, which she published with text as The Old Days, In and Near Salem, Oregon. Some of this work was shown at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. The Old Days remained Fowler's single most significant accomplishment; in 1969, in retirement, she arranged for the publication of seventy-five additional books with engravings printed from the original cherry wood blocks which are now housed in the Oregon Historical Society.

McMenamins Thompson Brewery (Salem)
Beer Name: Red Flannel IRA
India Red Ale, 6.5% ABV, 49 IBU
Brewer: Jennifer Kent

Boon’s Treasury (a historic building in Salem built by John D. Boon, and once Lincoln Wade’s Store) holds a huge amount of history, giving us a plethora of ideas. We could have chosen from the strong jazz culture, President Herbert Hoover’s initials engraved onto the building, or the fact that the “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” cast often hung out at Boon’s. What always stood out though was the Red Flannel that John D. Boon was said to wear. We chose to stay with an older history, honoring a man who in general had a strong history here in Salem.
–Jennifer Kent (Brewer)

Heater Allen Brewing (McMinnville)
Beer Name: Block House Beer
Smoked Beer, 5.2% ABV, 17 IBU
Brewer: Lisa Allen

I was inspired by the four workers depicted in the Constance Fowler woodcut. I considered what their life would have been like and wanted to create a beer that they could have made out in the middle of nowhere. I used an oak-smoked wheat as that area originally had many oak trees, two rye malts, and a heritage barley. This is a hearty beer, reminiscent of homemade bread, refreshing after a long day of physical work. –Lisa Allen (Brewer)


#18 Norma Driscoll Gilmore & WildCraft Cider Works

Norma Driscoll Gilmore (American, born 1927), Untitled (Skinner's Butte with Industrial Area Below), 1950/2006, oil on canvas, Bequest of Dr. Francis J. Newton.

On View: Haber Study Room, Lower Level, Main Building

Norma Driscoll Gilmore is known for her abstract landscapes and still-lifes influenced by early 20th century European modernists like Paul Cêzanne and Pablo Picasso. At 90 years old, she can still be found painting the scene around Eugene where she’s lived since the 1950s. In describing her life as an artist, she said, “You have to have a real passion. You don't get that much recognition. You just go on plodding every day, and painting becomes so much a part of your life that it's your life blood.''

WildCraft Cider Works (Eugene)
Beer Name: Skinner's Time Capsule
Botanical Dry Cider, 6.7% ABV
Cider Maker: Sean Kelly

Skinner’s Butte is the physical location of our cidery. Our building was part of the historic Eugene Planing Mill built on top of the house in the artwork. Eugene is currently undergoing a Skinner’s habitat program to remove invasive species and restore the oak savannah that once existed. Our cider is produced from Skinner’s invasive Hawthorne berries and conditioned with toasted Doug Fir, which represents the history of the Eugene Planing Mill and the way we used to manage landscapes by controlled Fir burns. This cider represents time-encapsulated events between the moment of the painting to the current use and vision of landscape today. 
–Sean Kelly (Cider Maker)


This year's Art & Beer: Pitchering Oregon is located at the Portland Art Museum, at 1219 SW Park Avenue Portland, OR 97205.