Postdoc celebrates a rare eclipsing binary star, with the release of Demon Star Imperial Stout. Sales start November 4th.

Long overlooked as one of the few award-worthy breweries in the areas, Postdoc recently announced the upcoming release of something special. Named Demon Star, this Imperial Stout is a celebration of the unique astrological object.

The existence of the Demon Star was first recorded over 3000 years ago on an Egyptian calendar of lucky and unlucky days. Later it was determined to be an eclipsing binary star, and more recently it was discovered to be a tertiary star system. Like the story of the Demon Star, our Imperial Stout gets more complex over time. It is a beer to be respected and adored. Thick, rich, and powerful, Demon Star boasts a complex palate of dark chocolate, roasted coffee, and smoke under a warming blanket of viscous malt. Despite humanity’s best efforts, language has not yet evolved to the point to adequately describe all of the intricacies of this delicious beverage.

To learn more, you'll have to arrive November 4th to purchase or consume it for yourself.  Cost is $15 (including tax) per (500ml) bottle with a 3 bottle limit, per person. In addition to bottles and draft, the brewery will offer Demon Star t-shirts and glassware. The brewery does ask that those interested in bottles or merchandise enter the "brewery-side" and not order these items at the taproom as this space is reserved for draft-only purchases.

Additional details for the November 4th event.

To commemorate the occasion, we will also be hosting our annual Barrel Fest the very same day! We will be rotating through a large variety of different barrel aged beers throughout the day.
Barrel Fest Taplist
2017 BA Demon Star Imperial Stout (11:00a)
2016 Rye BA Demon Star Imperial Stout (11:00a)
Evan’s Kriek Flander’s Red with Tart Cherries (11:00a)
Brett Barrel Alpha Factor IPA (11:00a)
Brett Barrel Gose (TBD)
Winey Hippie Saison (TBD)
2016 BA Wheat Wine 101 9.2% (TBD)
2016 Hogus Maximus Barriclus 11.1% (TBD)
2016 Hogus Maximus Extremis 14.1% (2:00p)
NEW Apricot American Wild (2:00p)
+A few more surprises up our sleeves…
*All TBD beers will be put on when a keg kicks, or at our whim.

Meat On A Mission BBQ will be on the scene from noon-when they inevitably sell out!
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