Beer Release: OR & WA: Get It Now (Again) … Diamond Knot Vienna Lager

image sourced from Diamond Knot BrewingAre you ready for Oktoberfest? Yeah, me neither. If you are short of suggestions here’s another one, Vienna Lager from Diamond Knot Brewing.

So what the heck does a Vienna Lager have to do with Oktoberfest?

Yes, we know that Vienna is in Austria.  Vienna Lager is a well-defined beer style that is indeed believed to have originated in Vienna, but (a) Austria does border Germany and (b) Austrian brewers aren’t exactly super well-known these days.  So, we went and tweaked both the name origin and the style just a bit, because as brewers, that’s what we do!

Now that you have your answer, then you won’t mind stopping by a nearby grocery store (or Total Wine & More) to pick up the Knot’s take on Oktoberfest.

More on Vienna Lager from Diamond Knot

Call it what you want. What we really care about is celebrating Oktoberfest Diamond Knot style. Reddish amber in color, our Vienna Ale has a bright, crisp flavor with a malty finish. With a mild 5.6% ABV, you’ll be able to saddle up to the bar and make it through a long set of oompah music.

Look for 22 ounce ‘bombers’ of Diamond Knot’s Vienna Lager wherever you find Diamond Knot India Pale Ale.


About Diamond Knot Brewing

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing is known for supporting local businesses and organizations. With a foundation as a small, craft brewery, the company’s mission is to provide exceptional craft beer, food and lively experiences. Started in 1994, the company currently operates a Brewery & Alehouse, Pizza House and a 10,000-square-foot production brewery and Taproom in Mukilteo, as well as the Camano Lodge on Camano Island. The new DK Brewpub @ MLT is scheduled to open in early 2014.

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