(WA) Brouwer's Cafe Big Wood Festival, Is Today (12/2)!

image Seattle, WA - Seems appropriate, now that we have returned from our short time off that we remind you of an annual Brouwer's tradition, BigWood.

Started back in 2008 with a focus on barrel-aged or barrel-dispensed beers (firkin, cask), this festival much like Brouwer's Cafe's other annual festivals has grown to critical mass.

This year is no different as house that the 'Matts' built, will be hosting another packed house filled with rosey cheeked, glee-filled, enthusiasts. So without further ado we present the list, with the appropriate comments based on our picks. Note, sometimes we won’t necessarily comment, given the beers reputation

That’s it folks. Get over to Brouwer’s, starting at 11 AM and as always consume responsibly.


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