Boise, ID – Let’s face it the people of Washington and Oregon are spoiled with the glut of breweries that are featured in the region. When one asks “what’s your favorite beer from the Northwest?” the names of breweries from Portland, Seattle, or along the Interstate 5 corridor come to mind.

The same can be said of ‘bottleshops’ the craft beer equivalent of wine bars or wine cellars. Featured alongside a pedestrian PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) or classic Ranier are such beers as Hair of the Dog Fred, Ninkasi Believer, or Sierra Nevada Celebration. Living in the city has its benefits especially when the flow of beer is constant.

Folks in Boise, Idaho on the other hand are not known for exporting too many beers into the area (Oregon & Washington) and they import even less. Rick Boyd (whom previously produced the Boise Beerfest) was a man who was became fed-up with the lack of options in the city decided to change things with the opening of Brewforia.

image courtesy of Brewforia's website Featuring a vast selection of local (Grand Teton, Laughing Dog) and imported (Nationwide and International) craft beers, you are sure to find something new or familiar while shopping.  The retail outlet also features unique options such as their beer of the month club and online mail-order beer deliveries. And as a special promotion they are current offering a free beer for every $50 that you spend.

We look forward to seeing the place in person the next time we are in Boise, but for now let’s congratulate Rick on his journey to enlighten the city and the state to good craft beer.


411 N Milwaukee Street Boise, ID 83704

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