Festival Preview: ID: Brewforia presents Oktoberfest ID, 9/17

image sourced from Brewforia's Oktoberfest ID Facebook pageBoise, ID - If you are a careless lover of beer chances are you have pondered what drinking during Oktoberfest is like. And we dare you to avoid blushing at the thought of a buxom woman carrying five or six 1 liter glasses of 'Feist Bier'. But then again you didn't buy a ticket to Munich. And more than likely the closest thing to something German in your fridge came from a brewery that features a witty commercial on the television.

Why not make a change this year by visiting a nearby venue to ring in Oktoberfest with those who share your love of German beer, festivals, food, and music. Introducing the 1st Annual Oktoberfest ID, presented by Brewforia.

So what is something like this gonna cost? The answer is simple, $30. But there is so much that is included this including bottomless beer, free entertainment, as well as the opportunity to tell all your friends that you celebrated beer the German way.

For more information visit the Festival's website or contact the ticket office below for the 1st Annual Oktoberfest ID.

September 17th, 2011 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM (208) 888-7668 $30
The 1st Annual Oktoberfest ID at Qwest Arena
233 S. Capitol Blvd. Boise, ID 83702


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