(ID) UPDATE: Brewforia needs our help regarding UPS’s alcohol shipping policy

Brewforia Logo Final signature Boise, ID - Two months ago (February 15th) we were one of the first to break the story, that Rick Boyd (owner of Brewforia Beer Market in Boise Idaho), was being told to stop shipping beer.

And although there have been numerous stories since that posting (both from recognized newspaper's like the Idaho Statesman, as well as regional (Seattlebeernews, Washington Beer Blog, etc) and national blogs (Brookston Beer, etc.) there hasn't been much follow-up since this initial outpouring of support. So we checked with Rick to see what the status was with UPs (and Federal Express).

"It is true that we are not getting shipments out again at least from FedEx.  They have cut us off and UPS has suggested that they will if we continue to ship." –source, Rick Boyd owner of Brewforia Beer Market

As it stands, according to Brewforia, they are considering legal action against both UPS and FedEx (Federal Express), as they collect evidence supporting their legal claims to ship beer. Brewforia is only a small fish in a potential larger pond that is being effected by this decision. Try to imagine heading to a brewery while on vacation and finding a rare beer, only to pay the checked baggage cost, or worse not be able to take it with you at all.

Right now, only wine, is allowed the practice of ‘buy from the source’ and then ship to your house. This is no more evident than if you review the “#1 Online Wine Store” wine.com’s terms of delivery.

“adult signature is required for the delivery of alcoholic beverages. Order tracking numbers will be emailed to you upon shipment, so you’ll know when to expect delivery. Not all shipping options are available in all locations and for all products. Options available for your order will appear in checkout.“ –source, wine.com’s shipping options.

If UPS and FedEx continue the practice without respecting states that allow importation of out of state beer (ala Oregon’s Pelican Brewing shipping to as close as Washington), more legal action could be taken. To further expound on how grim this situation could becom, if pressed UPS and FedEx could get out of the alcohol-to-consumer business all together (including purchases of wine from wineries). And frankly given the current state of things, that would mean many online wine and beer retailers being asked to turn off their computers and focus on their local markets.

So far no legal action has been taken and according to Rick it might take months or years before a decision would be made.

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