Category 12 Unsanctioned Saison

We pride ourselves on being a brewery that celebrates (and makes!) a multitude of beer styles, so that those who prefer flavour profiles other than pronounced hops have something delicious to choose from. This was part of thinking when we first launched our Unsanctioned Saison alongside Disruption Black IPA nearly 4 years ago, and it pained us to retire it temporarily to make room for an expanded line up in the taproom.

Well, the time has come to relive it’s spicy Belgian-inspired beauty! Unlike traditional saisons, this relatively full-bodied beer has a robust flavour profile that uses a small amount of rye to complement the notes imparted by the use of our in-house Belgian yeast. If you’ve had this before, you’ll know what an excellent accompaniment it is to most meals, and if you haven’t, we hope you try it soon as it’s only a short run seasonal release!

Unsanctioned Saison will be available for a limited time in our taproom (in both bomber bottles and growler fills) and has just landed in select craft-friendly liquor stores and pubs around BC!

6.40% ABV | 35 IBU

image sourced from Category 12 Brewing