Anniversary: Seattle: Cloudburst Brewing celebrates its 1st year this Friday, January 6th. Doors open at 2 pm.

This Friday, January 6th, supporters of local beer are encouraged to stop into the market for a pint (or two). No, not to grab a pint at The Pike Brewing Company. Nor are we saying you should visit Old Stove Brewing Company. Those are both awesome breweries.

Instead, we are asking that you look beyond the sights of aquatic life, performing gravity-defying feats, move past the miniature donuts, and avoid the lines at Starbucks Store No. 1. We're talking about Cloudburst Brewery, located just down the street from the Pike Place Market.

From 2 pm to 10 pm, head brewer Steve Luke and his merry men (and women) of Cloudburst will be celebrating their 1st year anniversary. During the event, there will be food, music, lots of people and of course many of Cloudburst's hitmakers making an encore. Who knows, maybe a pony will be there to pet (but really, there's not going to be a pony).

Doors open at 2 pm, with seating/standing being extremely limited.

Cloudburst Brewing is located at 2116 Western Avenue near the Pike Place Market.