Quillback Dubbel - Narrows Brewing

70% Munich malt big body, creating complex aroma and flavors. 6.2% ABV // 25 IBU

Area 13 Imperial IPA – Narrows Brewing

Big malt back bone to balance the 80 IBU's from all "C" hops, in the mash, boil, whirlpool and dry hop. 9.5% ABV

Honey Wheat – Narrows Brewing

Smooth slightly sweet with hints of honey from German Abbey malt and British honey malt. Deep Gold in color faint aroma of spice. 5.5% ABV // 20 IBU

Kölsch Köbain – O Town Brewing
A pre-prohibition inspired Northwest (Grunge) take on the German ale standard. Utilizing German base malts, Kobain incorporates both Northwest and German hops in a stepped schedule to bring a unique combination to the style. 6.7% ABV // 38 IBU

Ship Faced – O Town Brewing

This is the imperial version of O-Town’s signature Sails ‘n’ Gunpowder English Strong Ale. Using copious amounts of raw sugar, molasses, vanilla, coconut, cinnamon, and then aged on Caribbean rum soaked oak staves. Finally, it was dry-hopped with spicy aroma hops to support the unusual flavor profile and add overall balance. 10% ABV // 51 IBU

image sourced from Pike Brewing Company

Pike No.4 Session IPA – Pike Brewing

Pike No.4 Session IPA delivers well balanced hop flavors and aroma with a low ABV for summertime fun. This bright and floral session IPA is brewed with Skagit Valley Alba malt and the Ales for ALS proprietary hop blend. Together these ingredients create a clean and bright beer with citrus and stone fruit flavors and aroma. Pike Brewing Company is proud to be one of seven Washington State breweries who’ve joined Ales for ALS. 4.2% ABV // 26 IBU

image sourced from Postdoc Brewing

Brett Barrel Gose w/ Blackcurrants – Postdoc Brewing

You may be missing our Blackberry Going Going Going Gose, but rest easy because we will soon be releasing our next installment of Brett Barrel Gose, this time with blackcurrants. Much like our recent version with plums, we took our base Gose and aged it in neutral oak barrels with Brettanomyces, a wild yeast that makes uniquely beautiful flavors. The beer aged atop blackcurrants, giving it a vibrant color similar to the Blackberry Gose (welcome back Bobby Sunrises!). 4.7% ABV // 25 IBU

Saison Release – Postdoc Brewing

In the middle of July we will also be releasing another new beer to our lineup, a Saison. French for “Season”, this beer style is refreshingly dry with delightful aromatics, created by the beer’s special yeast, which are reminiscent of pear, orange peel, and black pepper. 5.5% ABV // 14 IBU