image sourced from Hale's Ales

Barrel Aged 'Shed Stout - Hales Ales

Watershed Stout aged for 11 months in Woodinville Whiskey barrels; delicate coconut, vanilla, & whiskey aromas from the barrels dance with the chocolatey roast character of the stout. Not sweet, not too much whiskey character, just very drinkable. Stout ale, a time honored classic fused with cutting edge, new-age whiskey goodness. 8.1% ABV
Barrel Aged New Trick Dopplebock - Hales Ales 

A Hale's/Chuckanut Brewery collaboration! Both breweries brought to this recipe something not tried before. This is a smoked dopplebock aged in neutral oak barrels. The lager fermentation was carried out using Chuckanut Bavarian II yeast. Subsequently, the beer was barrel aged at Hale's. Smoked, Pilsner, Crystal and Pale Chocolate are some of the malts used and the beer is hopped with Bravo, Czech Saaz and Tahoma hops. Overall, a very balanced example of a traditional dopplebock brewed by two craft beer industry pioneers. 8.2% ABV

image sourced from Hi-Fi Brewing

This grapefruit IPA is a collaboration with Crucible Brewing, exploding with citrus flavors! Citra and Amarillo hops are featured, and the added grapefruit turns the citrus up to 11. 7% ABV / 67 IBU

image sourced from Kulshan Brewery

Mild Beer - Kulshan Brewing

The Mild is a criminally underrepresented beer style. The low alcohol percentage doesn't do it justice for how complex a malt flavor there is. Malt and caramel are part of the flavor and aroma profile, while chocolate and roast malt tones contribute as well. Hop bitterness is low but keeps the beer from being overly sweet. This beer is very low in alcohol, yet still medium-bodied due to increased malts. 3.55% ABV / 16 IBU

image sourced from O-Town Brewing
Saison Bloody Saison - O Town Brewing

O-Town's traditional saison with the addition of blood orange. The base is light, refreshing, and slightly funky, as it should be. Then, the blood orange adds a nice, subtlety sweet contrast to create a beer that's sure to satisfy anyone's palate. Bring on the sunshine! 6.3% ABV / 40 IBU

O-Town Marzenbier - O Town Brewing

A true medium-bodied Bavarian lager lightly hopped with O-Town's signature blend of German and Northwest hops. 6% ABV / 15 IBU

image sourced from Postdoc Brewing
Hogus Maximus Barriclus (2016) - Postdoc Brewing 

Join us at our taproom Thursday May 13th for the official release of the 2016 edition of Hogus Maximus Barriclus: Our famous Hogus Maximus Triple IPA aged to perfection in J. P. Trodden bourbon barrels. Highly Limited.

Malt & Vine IX - Postdoc Brewing

Join us at our taproom Tuesday May 17th for the release of Malt & Vine's 9th Anniversary Beer, a lightly smoked Pilsner.

Peacher in the Rye - Postdoc Brewing

Join us at our taproom Thursday May 19th for the release of Peacher in the Rye: A Pro-Am collaboration with four young and ambitious homebrewers, Peacher In The Rye takes our Kilty By Association Wee Heavy and transforms it via a brief slumber in freshly emptied Rye Whiskey barrels with peaches. Highly Limited.

image sourced from Reuben's Brews

Daily Pale - Reubens Brews 

Brewed as the official beer of the 2016 Seattle Beer Week, Daily Pale is a hop-forward 'session' IPA with an aroma and flavor profile driven by citrus and passion fruit, with kiwi and honeydew undertones. At 4.9% ABV and 55 IBU, it's light in the body, but balanced and focused on hop flavor and aroma, with a crisp, clean finish.
Summer IPA - Reubens Brews

Hop forward with citrus fruit aromas; notes of orange and grapefruit with a medium0light body and slightly bitter finish. Perfect for the long summer days. 6.5% ABV / 50 IBU
Imperial Rye IPA - Reubens Brews

Intense citrus and floral nose followed by a smooth medium full mouth feel. Citrus leads the flavor profile, with a little rye spice and bitterness coming through in the finish. 8.4% ABV / 80 IBU