Alehouse Event: WA: Seattle: Ray's Cafe presents the "Ballard Beer Awards", celebrating Ballard breweries, from January 14th

Chances are you recall your 1st sip of Redhook Ballard Bitter. Maybe it was at a nearby bar or maybe it was at Ray's Cafe. As early as 1982, when Redhook Brewery founder Paul Shipman and Executive Chef Russ Wohlers carried the first keg into the restaurant, Ray's Cafe has celebrated Ballard's only brewery.

Today Ballard's brewery landscape has changed. With the departure of Ballard's 1st brewery, Redhook, Ray's Cafe realized a new Ballard-based brewery has earned the title. Instead of election by committee, Ray's Cafe is happy to announce the "Ballard Beer Awards".
image courtesy Ray's Cafe
From January 14th thru February 14th, Ray's will be showcasing five breweries located in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. Terms are simple, vote by purchasing a pint. But if drinking local beer isn't your thing, then you can fill out a ballot.

Then on February 15th, Ray's Cafe will present the winning brewery the trophy for best Ballard brewery. Following their award, the winning brewery's beers and brewers will host a multi-course "Winning Brewery Dinner" at Ray's, March 5th, as a thank you to the public.

Be on the lookout for the following participating breweries, who will guest-host a tasting event, at Ray's Cafe.

  • January 15 - Stoup Brewing
  • January 19 - Lucky Envelope Brewing
  • January 21 - Hilliard’s Beer
  • January 26 - Maritime Pacific Brewing Co.
  • January 28 - Reuben's Brews
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