image sourced from Brouwer's Cafe's website It's Friday. Or as this writer likes to call it, the start of the weekend. True Thursday have always had a certain 'warming up' to them. But Friday is really where it begins. And what about your Friday, do you have anything planned? Or are you like many who will avoid temptation and wait till tomorrow for Brouwer's Cafe's biggest event of the year?

I speak of Hard Liver Barleywine Fest'. A festival to celebrate the strongest of beers, the Barleywine / Barley Wine (depending on how you spell it). Still interested? Good.

Tomorrow, starting at 11:30 AM, the door will open to Brouwer's Cafe for what will be an event to test your will power, your endurance, and above your ability to fight off insomnia as long as humanly possible. Get there early (somewhere around 8 AM ought to do it).

Let Sunday be your day off. Let Sunday be the day you reach for the whole bottle of aspirin and chase it down with a bloody mary or red beer. But tomorrow, you have Hard Liver.

Saturday March 3rd, 2012 & Sunday March 4th, 2012 11:30 AM *draught last subject to change
Brouwer’s Cafe presents Hard Liver Barleywine Fest’ 2012
400 N. 35th Street Seattle WA 98103

And for those who can't decide we not only list the pending beers on the docket, but also offer up some suggestions. Shall we?

As always we suggest you eat something ahead of time, like breakfast at Whole Foods. But if you decide to eat at the bar know that service times will be long and to temper your frustrations. See you there!


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