photo of Manny at 2008's Bob's Brown Release party at the Nickerson Street Saloon, courtesy of Anne and Billy's photostream It’s that time again. Spring has been here for over a month now. With it comes lighter colored ales and lagers; to remind people that there is sun to be enjoyed. It’s also a time for the annual release of Georgetown Brewing’s Bob’s Brown Ale.

Historically there are breweries across this great land that have more noteworthy anticipated releases but this is local and this matters. For the people of Seattle this beer means more because of whom this beer is named after, Bob Hirsch.

Bob Hirsch to most people was no one special. But to his family and the staff at the local chapter Ronald McDonald house he was unique. So it seems fitting that his mother (Sue) after his passage (at the age of 21) would choose to immortalize her son (and friend to the brewery) by asking donations be given to the Ronald McDonald house.

And so in 2006 Bob’s Brown Ale was released with the sole purpose of remembering Bob while supporting a charity that spent so much time with him and his family. So far to date the Brewery has amassed over $165,000 in just five years. In fact last year alone the brewery raised over $51,600.

So it is with happiness that we encourage you to visit the Nickerson (or participating locations) to participate in donating a small bit of your income to the Ronald McDonald House, in memory of Bob.

As a special side note the Nickerson Saloon is scheduled to receive a keg where the Ronald McDonald house will be in attendance to celebrate Bob Hirsch’s birthday and to discuss what it was to know the man behind the beer. Bob you will forever be 21 to those who cared and remember you.

Saturday May 14th, 2011 3:00 PM [or other Participating Alehouse]
Bob’s Brown Ale Tapping & Birthday Reflection, Nickerson Street Saloon
318 Nickerson Street Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 284-8819

Details regarding other participating locations will posted shortly but for now, please mark this date on your calendar.


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