(WA) Elliott Bay celebrates their hop harvest, 9/28


Dan Ashley who brews on behalf of Seattle & Burien’s Elliott Bay Brewery & Pub has informed us that a festival is coming to West Seattle in celebration of the harvest of their hops.

“The coming of fall brings the annual hop harvest in Eastern Washington and across the world.  The hoppy minds at Elliott Bay Brewery and Pub in West Seattle decided dedicate the week of September 28th - October 2nd to celebrate hops in our pub.  Each day, customers will be able to order a sample tray of five 5oz samples, for $7.50, of different hoppy brews made at our two breweries.  Three of the samples will always be our Elliott Bay IPA, Dry Hopped IPA and a cask conditioned hoppy treat that will rotate as the casks empty.  The other two samples will rotate each day to give customers a chance to try ten additional hoppy selections made by our brewers.  In addition to the beer, our executive chef, Kerry White, has put together a small plate of various treats to pair with the hoppy brews, for $6.95.  The plate includes: trout pate, smoked scallops, aged white cheddar, house made pickles, crackers and summer sausage.

  • On Monday, we will feature two of the Elliott Bay stalwarts: our GABF medal winning Demolition Imperial Pale Ale and Riot Strong Pale Ale.  Demolition weighs in at 7.25% abv and 103 IBUs, and is dry hopped with Cascade and Chinook hops.  Riot Ale has an abv of 7.6%, 71 IBUs, and is dry hopped with Saphir, Cascade, and Chinook hops.
  • On Tuesday we will feature two brews from our Burien location: Highline IPA and a special dryhopped keg of Hellmouth Imperial IPA.  Hellmouth is a 7.1% ABV and 100 IBU brew, dry hopped with Chinook, Amarillo and Simcoe hops.  Highline IPA is the house IPA of the Burien pub, and comes in at 5.8% abv and 80 IBUs.  Tuesday, we will also be having a "Meet the Brewers" Night from 8 till 9:30pm.  All three brewers from our two pubs, Doug, John, and Dan, will be on hand to chat with and ask questions of.  We will also be serving a special gravity fed cask of our Riot Strong Pale Ale dry hopped with fresh hops from Head Brewer Doug's recent trip to Gamache farms in Yakima.  Don't forget, Tuesday is also "Top it off Tuesdasy" at the pub where pitchers can be bought for only $9.
  • Wednesday will feature our Belgian Styled IPAs: Hop Von Boorien and Imperial Von Boorien.  These are IPAs brewed with a Belgian Ale Yeast.  Imperial Von Boorian is 7.1% abv and 100 IBUs, and is dry hopped with Chinook, Amarillo and Simcoe hops.  Hop Von Boorien is 5.8% abv and 70 IBUs.  Both have distinctive Belgian yeast characteristics and a moderately higher level of fruity esters from a warmer fermentation.  Think trippel with a load of hops.
  • Thursday will feature two recipes from Brewer Dan of the West Seattle brewery:  RyePa and Hopus Callosum Imperial IPA.  RyePa is an IPA with 5.0% abv and around 70 IBUs, but also 20% of the grain bill is Rye.  Rye adds a spicy and grainy quality to the brew to balance out the hoppy bitterness.  Hopus Callosum is a heavyweight, weighing in over 8% abv with 71 IBUs.  Focusing the hopping on late additions and a substantial dry hopping makes this a very aromatic example of the power of hops.
  • To close the week out on Friday, we will be pouring two beers featuring the use of fresh hops from Gamache Farms: Hop Harvest Ale and Fresh Hopped Elliott Bay IPA.  For the fresh hopped IPA, we stuffed as much fresh Amarillo hops into the keg as was feasible, then filled the keg with our house Elliott Bay IPA.  Tasting next to the regular and dry hopped versions will make for an interesting opportunity for comparison.

Hope to see everyone out there!” source, Elliott Bay Brewer Dan Ashley

     More information will be posted on the calendar shortly for those that like structure in their lives. Sounds like it will be a blast I hope to make it out for one of the days.


Elliott Bay Brewery & Pub “West Seattle”
4720 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116 (206) 932-8695

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