Seattle, WA – It’s that time of the year again. Time for beers that end in Hops. Whether it’s Fresh Hopped, Wet Hopped, Dry Hopped, it applies only to this time of year (with the exception of course to Dry Hopped). Recently we reached out to Elliott Bay Brewing to see what their Hop bill has produced and head brewer Doug Hindman was happy to oblige.

Hop Harvest Ale. The brewery lists this beer as

Brewed each year to celebrate the harvesting of hops by farmers all across the Yakima Valley.

Our good friend and hop grower, Darren Gamache, provided us with a few large bag of freshly harvested Amarillo hops from his ranch for use in this delightful IPA of an ale.

We added both hop pellets and flowers throughout the brewing process, from the mash tun, to the kettle, on the way to the fermenter, and finished by dry-hopping the fermenter twice after the beer was finished. The depth of hop flavor and aroma attest to use of over 15 pounds of hops in this 300 gallon batch.

Beer Geeks Specs

  • Malt Varieties: Organic Pale, Organic Wheat, Organic Munich, Organic Crystal blend, Organic Chocolate and Roast malts.
  • Hop Varieties. Amarillo, Magnum, FRESH Amarillo leaf hops
  • Dry-hops: Amarillo, Simcoe, Centennial, Columbus
  • OG: 14° Plato
  • ABV: 6.00%
  • IBU: 56

Our Thoughts
Should Try
. Sounds like a behemoth of flavor and aroma without the harsh bitterness that one would expect from all those hops.

Fresh Hop Ale. Described as cross between their Elliott Bay India Pale Ale (grain recipe) with their Hop Harvest Ale (hop recipe), plus a dash of wet Amarillo hops to finish, whirlpool (type of process to remove the wart), and knockout (at the end of fermentation).

Our Thoughts
Should Try
. We haven’t had a chance to try this beer at the brewery or on draft somewhere (ala, Naked City, Brouwer’s Cafe, etc.) but we definitely will have to make a trip out to West Seattle.

Mashing Pumpkin. Finally, in the spirit of another local tradition, we are happy to remind you of this pumpkin ale described as …

Brewed with ORGANIC pumpkin meat from Oregon.

Mild pumpkin flavor pairs well with a blend of whole organic spices to produce a delicate balance of “seasonal” flavor, aroma, in a  fairly strong ale.

We also infuse some cask versions of this beer with bourbon-soaked oak chips that adds yet another layer of flavor and aroma.

Beer Geek Specifications

  • Malt Varieties: Organic Pale, Organic Munich, Organic Crystal Blend
  • Hop Varieties: Styrian Golding, Magnum
  • Spices: Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, Nutmeg
  • OG: 18°
  • ABV: 7.60%
  • IBU: 33

Our Thoughts
Should Try. Definitely a welcome favorite when we consider how Pumpkin deprived the area is (Elysian’s Night Owl, Great Pumpkin, and Dark O’ The Moon Stout, not withstanding). We will definitely be seeking this one out and who knows, maybe take a growerl of it home (if they will let us).

Get out there and get drinking and always; if you don’t see if on draft at your local bar, see if the server will get some!


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