pFriem Nectarine Golden Ale

We age pFriem Nectarine Golden Ale in fresh Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc barrels, before adding perfectly ripened Flavortop Nectarines, grown right down the road by our friends in Maryhill. After another six months of aging, the resulting aromas of marmalade, graham cracker and citrus zest, and notes of peach nectar, cantaloupe and Sauvignon Blanc practically leap from the glass.

Tasting Notes

A gentle crown of white foam rests lightly atop a cheerful nectar of golden straw. Playful aromas of nectarine marmalade, graham cracker spice, vanilla, wildflower honey and citrus zest leap from the glass. Flavors of peach nectar, cantaloupe, Sauvignon Blanc and raspberry sorbet shimmy across the pallet. Lingering honeydew, luscious stone fruit, effervescent lemon and a graceful tannic structure beg further investigation.    

6.9% ABV | 9 IBU

image sourced from pFriem Family Brewers

image sourced from pFriem Family Brewers