Vancouver Island Juniper Lime Ale

Cheerful nights on warm patios. This Juniper Lime Ale has been brewed to imitate the refreshing zest of a Gimlet cocktail, an iconic gin-based summer sipper.

STYLE: Imperial American Blonde
IBU: 13
SRM: 6
FORMAT: 650ml bottle
INGREDIENTS: Water, barley, sucrose, juniper, botanicals, lime peel, citric acid, hops, yeast
MALT: Superior Pilsner and honey malt
HOPS: Super Galena and Chinook
AROMA: Medium lime and medium-low honey malt with low juniper notes
APPEARANCE: Deep gold in colour with a medium dense white head with moderate retention. High clarity.
FLAVOUR: Medium-high lime supported by a medium-low honey malt and juniper character. Low citrus acidity brightens the palate. Juniper and lime linger in the finish.
MOUTHFEEL: Medium body with medium carbonation

image sourced from Vancouver Island Brewing Company