Silver City Brewing announces a new limited edition beer. Introducing "Bourbon Barrel ICE: Ultra-Premium  Malt Beverage with Artificial Bourbon Flavor".

Press Release

April 1st, 2017-

Bremerton, WA: Silver City Brewery Announces "Bourbon Barrel ICE: Ultra-Premium Malt Beverage with Artificial Bourbon Flavor

With nearly 21 years of brewing expertise, Silver City Brewery is thrilled to announce a new, one-of-a-kind addition to their lineup.

image courtesy Silver City Brewing

A remarkably light-bodied liquid, with a hint of discernible flavor, 'Bourbon Barrel ICE: Ultra-Premium Malt Beverage with Artificial Bourbon Flavor' is the pinnacle of several years of research and development within the brewery's barrel-aging program.

"Essentially, what we've discovered is that barrel-aging beer is hard. It requires a lot of time, and a lot of space, so we decided the most efficient way to create a bourbon barrel beer is to leave the barrels completely out of it," notes one assistant brewer who requested to not be named, "Instead, our team developed a special blend of caramel coloring with a touch of liquid smoke, and added it to this beverage otherwise so devoid of flavor, you'd swear the recipe was developed entirely through automation."

Bourbon Barrel ICE: Ultra-Premium Malt Beverage incorporates the Federal-minimum required portion of malt to be considered a malt beverage, backed with a hearty dose of rice, along with a revolutionary new hopping process the brewery has trademarked called HopKief.

"When you brew a lot of beer, you end up with a lot of residual debris at the bottom of the storage bins of hops. Rather than discarding this miscellaneous hop matter, we began collecting it in jars. It's a complete mystery as to which varieties of hops comprise the HopKief, providing the drinker with a vastly unique experience with every pack of 'Bourbon Barrel ICE: Ultra-Premium Malt Beverage' they purchase."

Bourbon Barrel ICE: Premium Malt Beverage will soon be hitting shelves in 6-packs of 16oz cans throughout the region with an MSRP of $4.99. A release party of exclusive, limited edition 24oz "man cans" will be held at the TAPROOM on April 31st. Suggested pairings for this unique beverage include frozen chimichangas aged on a light-bulb food warmer, pork rinds, and those meat stick things that they keep in the plexiglass case by the cash register.


IBU: 5

ABV: 6.9%

Additional Info:

For most in the Puget Sound, when you look west at the Olympic Mountains you're looking right at the "Silver City". The convergence point right before you jump off into the wilderness of the Olympic National Forest on your way to the Pacific Ocean, resting between the edge of the Puget Sound and the base of the Olympic Mountains, rests Silver City. This Urban-Suburban experience is a sweet brewer's mash of Seattle city life and breathtaking outdoor adventure, all within ones reach. Beer, well made, brings the people of the "Silver City" together in celebration of having it all.

Silver City Restaurant & Brewery 

is the Kitsap Peninsula's premier destination for award-winning, handcrafted beers, Northwest-inspired food, legendary hospitality, and great memories in a fun, friendly environment. 

Silver City was started in 1996 by Co-owners Steve & Scott Houmes, and it remains a locally owned and operated family establishment. Silver City Brewery's handcrafted beers are available on draft, in 22oz bottles, and 12oz bottle & aluminum can 6-packs around the Western Washington area in bars, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Silver City Brewery's production facility & brewery taproom is located at 206 Katy Penman Ave. in Bremerton, WA. Silver City Restaurant is located in Silverdale at 2799 NW Myhre Rd.

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