Press Release
image courtesy Steamworks Brewing Company
Nothing says Spring like new craft beer mix packs! Steamworks is celebrating the warmer weather with the return of their popular Summer Mash-Up. The iconic orange box has undergone some exciting changes this year.

This year's Mash-Up features Steamworks' new Farmhouse Wheat Ale. Brewed with German Pilsner and wheat malts and fermented with French Saison yeast, this beer pours hazy and is as refreshing as it is complex.  The fruity and spicy flavour and aroma that is characteristic of this yeast strain is complemented by layered additions of Ella hops throughout the brewing process. The result is an exciting new take on a classic wheat beer.

Supporting the Farmhouse Wheat Ale are two Steamworks mainstays: Jasmine IPA and Kolsch. The Jasmine IPA is an old world twist on a classic west coast IPA, while Steamworks award-winning Kolsch offers a clean taste and crisp finish perfect for summer patio sessions.

The Steamworks Summer Mash-Up will be available April 8th in Government and private liquor stores across British Columbia, the Farmhouse Wheat Ale is also now available on tap at the Steamworks Brewery and Taproom in Burnaby, Brewpub in Gastown and select bars and restaurants throughout British Columbia.

About Steamworks Brewing Company

image courtesy Steamworks Brewing CompanyNamed after the steam that flows through and powers its flagship brewpub in Gastown & Brewery, Steamworks Brewing Co. features distinct, flavourful and award-winning brews. Learn more at or find them @steamworksbeer on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.