An Occasional Feature: Five Days of Beer

As we ‘bloggers’ strive to become relevant, we are lacking one thing, consistency. Sure we make bold promises regarding some limited (or long standing) series of write-ups, but nine-times out of time we forget about your containments to routine and instead return the comfortable confines of chaos.

Starting at least for now, on Monday, we will feature a different brewery and review of a well known beer. This week (and month) its New Belgium and their Lips of Faith Series of beers. Admittedly, this writer tasted these beers, weeks ago. But if the Internet teaches us anything its that everything is eternal and one cannot dismiss yet another story if it serves a purpose. So if you can’t find these beers on the shelves take heart in that some of these will be coming back throughout the year, while others will be back next year.

We look forward to your thoughts.


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