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How to use this guide

The following is a summary of businesses visited personally by us. In many cases, we cannot stay at every hotel, consume food at every restaurant, or drain the last pint at every bar. In those instances, we lean on those who are willing to share their opinions through websites like Tripadvisor, Yelp, and Google. Rather than ignore those reviews and ratings, we have chosen to include them to create an average total out of 100, to rate a businesses worthiness. In total we will list the top 25 accomdations and top 25 resturants, alehouses, bars, and cafes.

Lodging will be calculated using the totals from three websites, dividing by 3 and then multiplying by 20 to achieve a score out of 100. Restaurants alehouses, bars, and cafes will also use the same formula. Finally, as this a guide to enjoying beer in Pacific Northwest, only breweries will be rated, using crowdsourced websites,, and As we have done with food, drink, and lodging, we will list the top 25 breweries while excluding those that missed that cut in each city or town.

The following are examples of lodging, Hospitality, and of course breweries

Hood River Hotel


102 OAK STREET HOOD RIVER, OR 97031 (541) 386-1900



Lilo's BBQ


2910 Cascade Ave, Hood River, OR 97031-8812


pFriem Family Brewers


707 Portway Avenue #101, Hood River, OR 97031


Despite the perception, this guide is an Aggregation of scores, we will not be rating landmarks such as windsurfing in Hood River, Portland's Rose Garden, or Crater Lake. 

As always, we welcome feedback and of course suggested business or landmarks overlooked in our guide.

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