Strange Fellows Beldame Old World Pilsner

This is a classic German style Pilsner. Bright, clean, and fresh with a bracing and refreshing bitterness and the unmistakable herbal earthy character of the Noble Saaz hop.

Crossing paths with a crone is believed unlucky by some. Stooped and toothless, she’s a frightful specter of mortality. Those who can meet her gaze and see wisdom there have nothing to fear; but beware to those who scorn or overlook her. As Mother of Creation, she can wield her power in wicked ways, by nightmare, illness or a failed harvest. So next time you happen upon an old woman, pour her a glass of this bright and refreshing beer, look her in the eye, and toast to her good health.

5% ABV | 30 IBU

image sourced from  Strange Fellows Brewing

image sourced from Strange Fellows Brewing