Heater Allen Bobtoberfest
My brother Bob was my first home-brewing mentor. I learned a lot from his experience with other professional and home brewers in the Puget Sound area. About fifteen years ago, Bob found out he had cancer – nasty, horrible, no cure cancer. Losing a brother (or any loved one) at a relatively young age changes you. For me, it started my journey toward founding Heater Allen.  

We brew Bobtoberfest in honor of Bob and it is a beer that we pay special attention to in the process. The finest ingredients, extended lagering time, racking off sediment, and a special dose of the Grateful Dead (who Bob loved) are all part of the deal.

... The first chance to try (and buy) Bob will be in our Tap Room on September 4th (Labor Day) from Noon to 6.  We’ll probably have some Grateful Dead in the playlist, our friends at R&R Catering will be here selling sausages and other German fare, and if you bring an official Heater Allen 10-year Anniversary mug, your first beer is free. Please join us in celebrating Bob and the end of summer!

6.7% ABV | - IBU

image sourced from Heather Allen Brewing Company