Aslan Blueberry Dojo

image courtesy Aslan Brewing Company

This saison style ale was brewed over 15 months ago in May of 2017. It is comprised of a variety of malted barley, raw wheat and oats, and lightly hopped with unique Malling hops from Austria. At the crest of summer last year we gathered 600 lbs of organic Heirloom Blueberries from Bow Hill Farms. The fruit was macerated and introduced to the beer in two 400L oak puncheons. A long rest on the fruit lasted until May 6th of 2018, when the beer was removed and bottled. All of the complexity of fermentation, aside from the Saccharomyces we used initially, comes from the micro-flora that was existing on the fruit when we introduced it to beer. Now, after 3 months of bottle conditioning, we are ready to experience the 2017 vintage of Bow Hill Blueberries.

6.2% ABV | - IBU