Hellbent DANG! Citra Peach Impeachment IPA

Small Tank Series

Smaller can be better, especially when it comes to batches of craft beer, and we’re embracing that idea with a new series of tiny batch, one-off creations. We acquired an eight barrel brite tank so that we can divert portions from our larger batches and augment them with new processes and ingredients. We love wondrous variety, and we think  atyou do, too. So, please keep an eye out for these rare, special beers. And the first beer in this series is…...

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We cast our vote for delicious fruit flavor! Impeachment IPA is a small batch of our DANG! Citra IPA infused with peach purée, giving the always-delectable DANG! a fruity kick in the pants. We’re only making a few barrels of this one, so don’t miss out.

6.6% ABV | 60 IBU