Deschutes Pear and Bergamot Sour

The Deschutes Sour Series is a new offering from Deschutes Brewery. An innovative and creative series of stainless, lacto soured beers that vary in the use of fruit, hops, spices and specialty ingredients, all maintain a harmonious and clean acidity ranging from mild to medium. This series combines two trends among craft beer consumers: an emerging interest in kettle sours and a movement toward fruit-flavored beers. This series delivers both in a distinctly Deschutes way that is culinary-inspired and truly unique. Pear Bergamot Sour Ale tasting notes include pear and citrus with a floral aroma. Next up this spring, Black Raspberry Sour.

4.3% ABV | 18 IBU

Only available on draft, wherever Deschutes Beer is sold.