Fort George Fields of Green: Henry

The latest batch of Fields of Green is almost ready to harvest. Each batch of this hyper-limited IPA is a unique experience. You can explore what you taste by looking for the codename stamped on the can and checking the webpage for the recipe. Get them before they are FORTGEORGEBREWERY.COM/GONE.

Fields of Green is a periodic IPA release, always evolving and packed into color-changing cans. Cases and draft will go on sale at the brewery starting today. For proper cold storage, keep them green.

Codename: Henry
Hops: Hallertau Blanc, Meridian, Citra, X09236
Malt: 2-Row Barley, Pilsner, Torrified Wheat, White Wheat, Flaked Oats
Yeast: Juice

7.6% ABV | - IBU