Airways Resolution Breaker IPA

We’re not trying to be cruel, honestly. We just know that your resolution to give up beer (or drink less of it) never holds – so if you’re going to break it, you might as well do it with something worthwhile.

So, we bring you, Resolution Breaker. This super smooth and sexy IPA gets several extra doses of uber-fruity hops during and after fermentation. Combine that with our super expressive English yeast strain, and you get something amazingly juicy, flavorful & aromatic, without a lot of bitterness.

When we see you today, we won’t judge you - we’ll just quietly pour you a pint at the Tap Room & Brewery starting at 3pm, and wish you a Happy 2018.


6.7% ABV | 50 IBU

image courtesy Airways Brewing Company

image courtesy Airways Brewing Company