Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen
Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen, one of the most highly-respected märzens available in the world (and Germany's top-ranked Oktoberfest on ratebeer.com) is for sale now at a store, bar or restaurant near you. The popular 4-packs of 330 mL bottles introduced two years ago have returned, alongside 500 mL bottles and 30 liter kegs.

Ayinger Brewery, founded in 1878 and located in the Bavarian village of Aying, 30 minutes from Munich, has earned a reputation for quality. Ayinger always represents a commitment to excellence, which shows up at competitions, on beer websites, in the delightful Ayinger beer quaffed at your local pub, or even in a discussions between other German brewers.

Oktober Fest-Märzen is an honest märzen - full-bodied, rich lager with a malty bouquet and richness that stops short of sweetness. Color is deep amber-gold and the flavor is a perfect balance: malt backbone with depth & richness; complemented by perfect conditioning from long maturation; and alcohol of 5.8% by volume. Fest-Märzen is spiced with enough hops to make it snappy and thirst-quenching, but in the classic Bavarian style it's not highly bitter.  Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen shows big bold flavors and clean purity while still maintaining perfect balance: we've never tasted any fall beer that can surpass it in comparison. Quantities are limited on this wonderful seasonal lager, so get some now!

5.80% | 21 IBU

image sourced from Ayinger Brewery